Staying ON TRACK While Eating Out

Staying on track while eating out can be one of the hardest things to do when you’re on a strict nutrition plan. There are some things you can do though that will allow you to still have a social life….Trust me, just because you are eating 50% protein per day DOES NOT mean you are not allowed to have friends OR avoid taking your mother to dinner!

You can still go out to eat. You can still go to the bar with friends. You can still celebrate your anniversary with your spouse without pissing them off with limited restaurant choices, lol.

Be sure you take these 3 simple tips into consideration the next time you PLAN on going out to eat and want to stick to your nutrition plan



#1 – Look up the menu online

Serious…just about every single restaurant has reviews, menus, hours of business – all on the interwebs. And if they dont, they are either waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my budget, or they dont have electricity and were shut down by Health Services for a roach infestation!

This is an incredibly simple task and can save you a world of regret when it comes to staying on track at a restaurant. See menu items will work with your macros for the day or see what you can modify to fit your daily macro targets. This is where flexible dieting has its advantages. What you can also do is PLAN AHEAD and work a not-so-rippedclub-approved meal into your daily plan and still hit your macros.

…GENIUS, that Al Gore!


#2 – Have it YOUR way

No I am not telling you to go to Burger King (but you totally could if you planned properly, lol), but what this means is that you are the customer and you should get whatever you want, the way you want it…

If you notice that you are short on protein for the day, dont hesitate to request 4 more ounces of chicken with your meal. Dont hesitate to ask for steamed veggies instead of fries. Dont hesitate to tell them to hold the butter and use olive oil instead!


#3 – Order off the RIPPEDCLUB menu

staying on track at restaurantsThis is my favorite menu because 60% of the time….it works every time!

Go ahead and just order WHATEVER YOU WANT! Doesnt even have to exist on the menu. I have done this before where I go into a restaurant and tell them, “I want 8oz of grilled chicken breast, 1 cups of steamed broccoli, and 1 cup of brown rice.”

You might get a weird look, but in most cases they will accommodate you. Just be sure you leave a healthy tip (I’m talkin money, not a nutrition tip written on a napkin!) since you probably gave that new waitress a serious headache with the cook by ordering something not on the menu.


Eating Out And Dieting Conclusion

If you PLAN AHEAD, you are going to see results period! Eating out is no different. Follow these three tips the next time you and the fam or you and the lady friend head out to eat and you are going to be sittin confident at the end of that meal knowing that you stuck to your plan and your goals. Nothin better than knowing you CONQUERED an opportunity to stumble!

Let me know if you have any questions about eating out!! Post in the comment below or email me at

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