Nutrition Zone

It is important that you know what to do on the nutrition part, as this is where 80% of your results will come from. You can do every single workout and never miss a day, but if your nutrition is off, then you wont have the physique you are working so hard for. If you want extreme results fast, then you have to be precise! What sets RIPPEDCLUB apart from everyone else?  Why are our results so much better than the rest?  It’s because we give as much focus to the NUTRITION as we do to the WORKOUTS!  You can workout all day, but if you don’t fuel your body properly to reach your goals, the workouts won’t lead to the transformation you want.  If you are ready to get MAX results, you simply MUST put in the effort to understand nutrition and dial it in to your specific goals.


The Step-By-Step: Getting Started

  1. Calculate your calorie intake needs to meet your goals.
  2. How to calculate your calorie deficit to lose weight.
  3. Learn how to plan your nutrition
  4. Create a meal plan that fits your nutrition goals – Here is My 1900 Calorie Diet along with my Round-1 Nutrition must-do’s.
  5. Track your nutrition!!! Learn why tracking your nutrition is so important.
  6. Click here to see how I use with the P90X Nutriton Plan.


Important Nutritional Info

  1. How to get enough protein each day
  2. Learn what to do if you are HUNGRY all the time on My 1900 Calorie Deit.
  3. Learn what to do if you are FULL all the time on My 1900 Calorie Deit.
  4. Understand the P90X Nutrition Phases.
  5. How to snack smart.
  6. Learn what to do when Eating Out.
  7. Are cheat meals okay???
  8. All carbs are not the same! Find out the good carbs vs. the bad carbs.
  9. The importance of eating often.
  10. How to make all that protein taste better on P90X fat shredder
  11. On a budget? Here are some awesome cheap protein sources.


Important Supplement Info

  1. Do I need supplements?
  2. All your whey protein questions answered in my whey protein FAQ.
  3. P90X Supplements – What you NEED and what you dont need.
  4. Creatine FAQ. The what, whys, and whens.
  5. P90X Recovery Formula info and alternatives.
  6. All about Pre-Workouts.
  7. Why use supplements at all?
  8. Which protein bar should I buy?
  9. Shakeology is the foundation of my nutrition and I HIGHLY recommend it!