Fat Shredder On A Budget – 10 Cheap Protein Sources

cheap protein sourcesI realize that there is a slight cost increase when you start eating on a fat shredder diet, so I wanted to provide you with some cheap protein sources that can fit any budget and still help you hit your macros each day.

One of the struggles a lot of people have on a fat shredder diet is taking in all that protein in a single day. When I was on “My 1900 Calorie Diet”, I was eating 237g of protein per day…

Some people think thats impossible. Some people end up supplementing with way too much whey (that sounds funny…) in an effort to hit their protein targets. So if you are struggling to do so as well, check out my article, “How Much Protein???” where I show you exactly how I spread out my protein intake and what protein sources I get them from!

I know that some of you are on a tight budget, you’re still a student, living in expensive cities or just frugal. These factors can make it hard to get the protein you need to build muscle and lose fat. This post will show you 10 cheap protein sources that wont break the bank, but will also help you get the most out of your fat shredder diet.


10 Cheap Protein Sources For The “Slim” Budget

1. Tuna
. This is going to be one of your most pure forms of protein since you wont find carbs, fats, or anything else in there…just pure protein. Be sure that you get tuna packed in water…not oil. I toss in some mustard, pepper, and sweet relish and BAM! You can even toss is some plain nonfat greek yogurt in place of mayo for creaminess if you want a protein packed tuna salad!

2. Eggs.
Whole eggs are great, but you want to eat them in moderation. I usually have one whole egg per day and then ad 6-8 egg whites so I can avoid all the fat and cholesterol in the yokes. The yolk actually contains half the protein and vitamins A/D/E, so I like to toss one in the mix.

3. Whey.
1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey has 24g of protein. At 2 scoops/day, a 5lbs tub will last 5 weeks for $53.99. You don’t get cheaper than this. But just because it’s cheaper dont rely solely upon whey to meet your protein intake each day. Vary your protein sources.

4. Ground Beef
. Buy 80% ground beef and rinse the fat if lean beef is too expensive. You can reduce the fat content significantly. Here is a video on how to rinse ground beef. The only thing I dont like about this is that you cant be precise when tracking your macros since you dont know exactly how much fat you are rinsing away…If you want to get ripped, precision nutrition is KEY!

5. Greek Yogurt
Greek yougurt is an awesome source of protein, but you have to be careful because it can be full of sugar! Try and stick to plain nonfat greek yogurt. If you buy the generic brands…you can save quite a bit vs something like Chobani.

6. Frozen Chicken Breast.
You can usually by these in bulk from a store like Costco or Sams Club. If you want fresh chicken, just be sure you get breast meat that is skinless!

7. Cottage Cheese.
Cottage cheese is another awesome source of protein from the dairy family, but again watch out for the sugar. Most fat free cottage cheeses will have low sugar content.

8. Ground Turkey.
The more expensive cuts are made from turkey breast. Cheaper cuts can contain skin, which increases the fat content. Rinse the fat just like you would with ground beef.

9. Talapia.
This is a white fish kind of like cod. Still tasted awesome too! Look for it in the freezer section and you can find some pretty good deals. No fat, no carbs…its an awesome choice!

10. Ham.
Usually with ham you fined lots of cured hams that are packed with sugar, but I have found some reasonably priced sliced ham that only has 2g of sugar and 9g of protein per serving! I buy this in bulk at Costco.


Conclusion on Inexpensive Protein Sources

I realize that the cost of eating quality foods is more if you are talking dollars, but I dont like to think of my health in terms of “can I afford this?”, but instead I like to think, “how can I afford not to?” This is your body we are talking about and you only get one chance with it.

Hopefully these 10 “cheap protein sources” that I have shared with you have shown you that you can still hit your protein targets each day on a fat shredder diet and not break the bank.

BRING IT & inspire others to do the same!

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