21 DF Extreme: Upgrade

15289_21DFEXTUltUp_long_12192014 (1)Accelerate your fat loss and get shredded beyond belief! These 2 next-level routines are the most serious way to work out. Plus you get fat-burning, muscle-shredding tools designed to deliver jaw-dropping results.


Power Strength Extreme
Nine total-body exercises that use functional movement patterns to increase your strength, endurance, and power.

ABC Extreme
Push your Abs, Butt, and Cardio to the extreme—and carve a competition-level body that’s ready for the big stage!


Additional Set of 7 Portion-Control Containers**
For more convenience and no last-minute washing, you’ll get an extra set of seven color-coded portion-control containers. Use them for yourself or get the whole family on the program. That way everyone can learn how to master simple portion control, and make healthy eating a priority.

Extra Large Container
Great for work, school, or any busy lifestyle, this large container is a perfect on-the-go size for everyone. Use it to mix your separate 21 Day Fix EXTREME containers into one convenient, perfectly portioned meal.

Resistance Band
Burn fat and sculpt a lean body faster with our pro-grade resistance band. This band is required in several 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts to help tone your muscles and boost your metabolism.

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