P90X3/Body Beast Hybrid

I know that a ton of you have been wanting this P90X3-Body Beast hybrid that combines the benefits of mass building workouts along with the variety and short workout duration of P90X3…

Ask and you shall receive!

P90X3 Body Beast Hybrid


P90X3-Body Beast Hybrid: BEAST90X3

Whats so perfect about this P90X3-Body Beasy hybrid is that you are getting the world class muscle hypertrophy and mass gaining properties that Body Beast has to offer… At the same time you have the high intensity, serial calorie killer, muscle fatiguing, “I gots no time fo dat” 30 minute workouts!

A lot of people have a goal of gaining the most muscle possible while maximizing fat loss. Thats exactly what this hybrid is aimed at accomplishing. I have had a lot of team members complain about too much fat gain doing Body Beast (which I will address) and a lot of people who miss focusing on a single muscle group during a P90X3 workout. This P90X3-Body Beast hybrid combines those complaints in throws them into a proverbial abyss!


So What Nutrition Plan Should I Follow?

You are obviously a diabolical evil genius to ask such a studious question! (wow…I dont even know if I used those words right, lol) But seriously though… its the right question to ask considering that nutrition accounts for 80% of your results!

First lets talk about Body Beast and fat gain… The Body Beast nutrition plan was designed to build the most muscle possible in just 90 days. What ends up happening with a lot of folks (myself included), when you have a really high calorie intake, you tend to make more compromises under the guise of “Well… I am bulking after all!” and you end up eating stuff that isnt too healthy. At least thats my experience.

So whats your recommendation on nutrition for this BEAST90X3 hybrid?

Again you dazzle me with your superb questions!!!

p90x3 nutrition planI recommend that you follow the P90X3 Nutrition Plan for this P90X3-Body Beast hybrid. The reason being is that the X3 nutrition plan is set up for a lower calorie intake than the Body Beast nutrition plan. In addition, the X3 plan affords you more carbs and fats which you are only going to help you take advantage of the muscle building workouts of Body Beast and provide energy to get through those intense X3 workouts.

Be sure to watch this video on the P90X3 nutrition plan to have a full understanding of why this is your best choice for results with your P90X3-Body Beast hybrid.



P90X3-Body Beast Hybrid Schedule

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P90X3 Body Beast Hybrid Schedule


P90X3-Body Beast Hybrid Calendar

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P90X3 Body Beast Hybrid Calendar

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Coach Todd

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