BODY BEAST Review – A Full, No BS Look At Beachbody’s Mass Gaining Workout

Body Beast ReviewI wanted to wait to do my this review until I had some time to go through the actual workouts, use the Body Beast supplements, follow the nutrition plan, and actually see some results. A lot of the reviews out there have been formed by people who havent even done the program and I figured I had no business telling you about it until I logged some experience myself.

In this Body Beast review, like the title says – this is a “full” look at Beachbody’s new mass gaining workout. So I am going to walk you through everything; from the purchase price, nutrition plan, supplements, the and the workouts themselves – to the actual results you can expect. And be sure to read all the way through because there is a warning you need to know about doing Body Beast. So lets get right into it!


Body Beast Review


The Workouts

Body Beast comes with 12 wokouts (and three optional workouts) that are a compilation of Sagi Kalev’s years of experience in the field of natural body building. He combines and simplifies the science behind hypertrophy (muscle growth) into extremely efficient workouts. Each workouts is only 30-50 minutes. Be sure you check out the Body Beast workout schedule here.

Body Beast Workout ReviewBasically Sagi has taken the best of old-school body building techniques and combined it with what he calls Dynamic Set Training with Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets and every other set you can think of to exhaust the muscle and recruit more muscle fiber for huge gains!

As for the workouts themselves, the warmups are much shorter than you might be used to so that you can get right down to business. Unlike most heavy lifting routines where you stand around checkin yourself out mirror and comparing yourself to all the other meat heads in the gym…you wont have time. Like I said, each workout is only 30-50 minutes so depending on the type of set you are doing, you are only going to get an average of a 1 minute break between sets. The workouts can actually be kind of hard to follow because they are quite complex (the onscreen ques help though) and if you have a set of adjustable dumbbells then you might have difficultly keeping up since you will be switching weights quite often.

These workouts get you the most bang for your buck when you consider that you can get done in 30-50 minutes what would take most 1.5-2 hours in the gym.

Overall Workout Rating: 9.5/10


The Cost

Beachbody has actually given you tons of options when it comes to choosing what works for you budget. There are four different Body Beast package options to choose from:

The Base DVD kit price is CRAZY LOW coming in at just $39.90. With each upgrade you choose, Beachbody adds a few options for supplements. With the Deluxe, you get the Fuel Shot and Base Shake. With the Ultimate, you get the MAX Creatine and Super Suma in addition to that. By far though the best value as you can plainly see is the Challane Pack. For $140 you get the fitness program and shakeology for $140. Shakeology retails for $130, so you’re basically getting the dvd’s for $10. Its a friggin steal!

I still think they could have done better on the price of the Deluxe and Ultimate packages.

Overall Cost Rating: 9/10

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Body Beast Nutrition Plan

body beast nutrition planI actually cover the Body Beast nutrition plan in depth HERE. You can take a look at that to get quite a bit of info.

Overall though, Body Beast nutrition is simple and very well put together in the guidebook. It lays out a simple method for calculating your caloric needs to gain mass and in between the BUILD and BULK Phases, you actually recalculate your intake based on your current weight and body fat %. In the last phase, the BEAST Phase, you actually operate at a calorie deficit to lean out and see those gains that you have been making.

The macronutrient breakdowns are fairly simple to follow. For  both the BUILD and BULK phases, you are at a 25/50/25 – protein/carb/fat ratio. When you switch to the BEAST phase, you run a more conventional breakdown of 40/30/30. I am actually going to follow this plan exactly dispite having such great success with the P90X fat shredder breakdown of 50/30/20.

Just like the P90X Nutrition Plan, you have a few options when it comes to tracking your nutrition. You can go the portion route and you can access those portion charts and food lists here in pdf format. Or you can do what I recommend which is track your macronutrients with a program like I am all about precision when it comes to nutrition and am a firm beleiver in shooting for the BEST results possible…not just good results. Thats why I stick to my Shakeology every single day, thats why I press play every day, and thats why I track my macros every single day! Of course that doesnt fit everyones style, so be sure to take a look at the portion charts along with the food lists to formulate your own plan of action. If you follow my suggestion of tracking your nutrition, just be sure you are getting in lots of sources of food. For example, dont get all your carbs from just whole wheat bread…try yams, try oats, try quinoa. You want a variety.


When you are bulking there is a tendency to rationalize cheat meals because your goal is to gain weight…This will only result in added body fat and will not promote healthy, dense muscle gains. You want to be sure that you are sticking to the nutrition plan which includes lean meats, whole grains, fruits veggies, seeds, nuts, and legumes.

There are lots of bulking methods out there, but our ultimate goal should be our health and “dirty bulking” does not in any way promote a healthy lifestyle. In fact it will only make it that much harder to commit to your BEAST phase when you start cutting fat. If you spend 60 days without any restriction on what you allow down the hatch…that will become habit…and habits dont die easy. So do yourself a favor a stick to a clean bulking diet.

Overall Nutrition Plan Rating – 10/10


Body Beast Supplements

This Body Beast review wouldnt be complete if I didnt address the Beast Supplements. I personally have committed to using all of the Body Beast Supplements that Beachbody offers for the 90 day duration of Body Beast in order to give the fitness program in its entirety a fair review. So here are the supplements and a short description of what they are:

Hardcore Base Shake – This is a flavor neutral (no flavor) whey protein. The primary source of protein is whey protein concentrate which is great stuff. They recommend taking it post workout which is what I do. I actually add it to my shakeology shake for breakfast right after my workouts along with the Fuel Shot. It has 18g of protein per serving which is okay…I would rather see something more in the 22-24g range to be comparable with more popular brands like Optimum Nutrtion, but one thing it has going for it is that there is no artificial flavoring or coloring in it – so its all natural which always gets a thumbs up from me.

Fuel Shot – I am actually using this as a recovery drink. Well, like I said, I am mixing it with my Shakeology and the Base Shake after my workout but its a carb rich supplement meant to replenish depleted glycogen stores after an intense workout. With a simple sugar (high glycemic) blend of dextrose and maltodexrin, its the perfect way to fuel your muscles after a Body Beast workout, or any workout for that matter – so long as you earn it. The simple carbs are perfect after an intense workout in order to promote protein synthesis and fuel muscle growth and recovery. This too is a flavorless drink. You could even mix it with some sort of juice.

MAX Creatine – This is a simple pillar in the body building and fitness industry which is pure creatine monohydrate. There arent any fillers or any other junk in it…just quality tested and proven ingredients. I have a list of some creatin frequently asked questions that you can reference HERE if you want more info.

Super Suma – A lot of people have no clue what suma is or what a test booster is. Super Suma is made from suma root (“Brazilian ginseng”) and contains Beachbody’s exclusive plant-based enzyme system for enhanced benefits. Use daily to help increase muscle strength, size, and endurance. Now Suma will trigger false positive results on steroid tests so that actually says a lot about how this product might be very effective (no need to worry about the twig and berries shrinking either…suma is completely natural without the common side effects of steroid or test booster use).  This IS NOT a steroid, but a plant sterol.  However, our current industry steroid testing protocols are not advanced enough to differentiate between sterols and steroids.  So if you are an athlete or military personnel who might be tested for performance enhancing drugs, stay away from Super Suma.  But for the rest of us who dont need the sign off…its time to BEAST UP!



What do I recommend?

All of these supplements are high quality and Beachbody has done a phenomenal job of formulating them while remaining true to their standard of “no junk” meaning no artificial flavor, colors, or fillers. So if you are considering following the Body Beast program to a T, then you could get these supplements. I personally use Beachbody’s new Performance supplements and Sagi Kalev himself has been using them as well and raves about them here

Overall Body Beast Supplements Rating – 9/10 (would have liked to have seen some natural flavoring in the Base Shake and Fuel Shot)


My Current Body Beast Results

I am actually in week-6 of Body Beast and have put on 16lbs of mass. I started out at about 177lbs at 9% body fat and I am currently at 193lbs and 11.29% body fat. The extra body fat was expected, but I am hoping to be at around 188lbs and 7-8% body fat when I finish out the program.

Does the program work??? HECK YES IT DOES!

Its fun, its challenging, it produces the results it says it will so long as you follow the program…Its worth every penny and I highly recommend Body Beast for anyone looking to pack on some serious muscle!

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Coach Todd

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