My Insane X2X Body Beast Hybrid

insane x2x body beast hybridSo I am just coming off of an…Insane (LOL) 60 day round of Insanity – Check Out My Results HERE, and I am looking to really pack on some muscle, while at the same time, leaning out even more while keeping most of the cardiovascular endurance that I have developed with Insanity. My goal is to benefit from the mass gaining lifting techniques that Body Beast provides, while really keeping the same amount of focus on the “functional” aspect of my fitness by adding Insanity Max cardio workouts, along with P90X and P90X2 workouts to keep my in optimal physical condition (not just big muscles)

If you remember, my first attempt at the full Body Beast program, following the nutrition plan…I crashed and burned and it took me a while to get back in the swing of things (Thanks to Shaun-T). But this round is different. I know exactly what I need in the way of motivation to stay committed. A variety of workouts has always kept me enganged and a balance nutrition plan where I am tracking everything maticulously has always produced the results I want. Thats why this Insane X2X Beast Hybrid is going to be so effective. Its tailored to MY needs! And I encourage you to find that same balance!

So here is what I have developed!

I have developed a 3 phase workout program structured around the Build, Bulk, and Beast phases. This workouts will be supported by Insanity cardio workouts and in particular, the MAX workouts from Insanity Month-2. This is going to help keep me lean as well as retain a lot of the cardiovascular endurance and speed that I have developed in the last 60 days. Again, my goal is not to just get big, but to gain some size while still having a “functional” fitness approach, so that my workouts can be applied in the real world (the yard, the court, the field, the Olympics…j/k)

One of the things that I LOVE about a Body Beast Hybrid is that you can really sculpt your body however you want! If you want bigger shoulders and are happy with the size and definition in your chest….You can sub a P90X2 CHEST/BACK & BALANCE workout, but keep a Body Beast Shoulders day.


My Insane X2X Body Beast Hybrid

Click the schedule below to view and download the printable PDF

Insane X2X Body Beast Hybrid

What you will notice about the Body Beast hybrid that I have developed here is that there are no “Leg days”. Now I hate leg day as I am sure you do too, but thats not why I left them out…My legs are naturally large and I can pack on some serious size in my quads, hams, and glutes real quick!!! I dont want giant legs…I wear dress slack a lot of the time and I still want to look normal wearing a pair of straight fit dress slacks. I will be focusing on my leg workouts with some Insanity Max Interval Plyo on one of the cardio days each week.

You will also notice that I did not leave out yoga completely. I still feel that yoga is important and I will most likely incorporate it more in the future, but for this hybrid I have a very specific goal and yoga will serve that goal well in the recovery weeks.

Be sure to LIKE & SHARE this if you think its a cool hybrid schedule. Also, post in the comments what you are doing for your next round! I want to hear what the RIPPEDCLUB Nation is up too! Have you made your own hybrid or you just sticking to a single program right now?


Coach Todd



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