Leland Needs Duct Tape!

CUZ he’s RIPPED! LOL. Not only did Leland pack on some serious muscle and completely transform his body…he also has incredible taste in music (you’ll see)! Leland had already completed one round of Insanity when he decided to see if he could take it to the next level with P90X. He BROUGHT IT and is now in the process of packing on even more muscle! Leland, you are an inspiration monster….Keep it up!



Leland’s story in his own words:

I attempted to start P90X back in 2007 after I graduated highschool and failed miserably. I had no support team, didn’t follow the diet plan and was less than average on my workouts. I had no mental focus and let everything get in my way and give me an excuse not to do it. I stopped 4 days into the program after attempting yoga. My legs were so weak I could barely make it 20 minutes into the dvd. Before then I thought I was in shape and I knew it would take me to the next level. As I said I quit and went back to my diet of pizza, desserts, chips and soda.

3 years later I was 20lbs oveweight and decided I need to change and took on Insanity first. Click here to see my review on Insanity.

After Insanity I was flying high and I knew I could complete P90X; the question was just how much I was going to push myself.

I decided if I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it right and follow the diet plan, not skip workouts and drink my shakeology every day. It gave me the energy I needed to get through my workouts.

I won’t lie. I had a little bit of doubt in my mind about my leg strength and wondered if I was going to be able to do the plyometrics and yoga. Well after the first week I really surprised myself. I could complete both no problem and was able to really push myself and get a great workout. By the end of the first month I dropped my body fat from 7.8% to 6%.

The second month P90X introduces to you 2 new workouts to keep your muscles confused and growing. They were amazing and done exactly that. By the end of the 2nd month my body fat had dropped to 4.7%. I couldn’t believe how ripped I was and still had 30 more days to go!

I went from being able to do 7 pullups to 20! Fantastic numbers. I never thought that was possible.

On my last month I upped my calorie intake and focused on building muscle. By day 90 I had gained 7 pounds of

muscle and lost 8 pounds of fat. That’s results. I followed the diet plan to a T and had 3 cheat meals the whole time and sometimes they were pretty healthy.

Visit Leland at www.myfitnessjunkie.com


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