My 2400 Calorie P90X3 Meal Plan

p90x3-meal-planOne of the things that I struggled with when I started my fitness journey was figuring out what the crap to eat! I knew what kinds of food were healthy…I knew I couldnt have anything delicious (so wrong there!)…But I didnt know how to space out my meals or when to eat what.

What I have put together below is a 7 day example of my P90X3 meal plan. My intake is set to 2400 calories per day and I have matched the P90X3 Nutrition Plan macros, which are 30% proteins, 40% carbs, and 30% fats (30/40/30).

Some things you need to understand about my meals:

  • These are what work best for me! These kinds of meals might not agree with your taste buds, but it will give a good idea on the TYPES of foods I eat.
  • Some of my meals are ingredients, so when you see “1/2 tbsp – olive oil” – I am not kickin back a spoon full of olive oil. Thats my estimate of how much olive oil was on my grilled veggies.
  • When I eat “ready made” dishes, like the raviolis or the vegetarian lasagna, notice that I dont eat much. Even though its organinc and “good for you”, there is still a bit more sodium in ready to cook or bake dishes. Therefore I keep my serving sizes low on these items to keep my sodium intake below 2500mg for the day if I can.
  • You will notice I used casein protein with my Shakeology for breakfast on a few days. This is not the norm for me, but I ran out of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey and I had a tub of casein in the cupboard.


My Favorite Macro Sources For The P90X3 Meal Plan

Here are a list of what my favorite sources for proteins/carbs/fats are for your reference:


My 2400 Calorie P90X3 Meal Plan

my p90x3 diet day-1


my p90x3 diet day-2


my p90x3 diet day-3


my p90x3 diet day-4


my p90x3 diet day-5


my p90x3 diet day-6


my p90x3 diet day-7
















I hope this post on my own P90X Meal Plan has given you a few ideas on how to structure your own, or just follow mine exactly if you like! The point of this post was to point you in the right direction and show you how I get any kind of result I want from my nutrition! You can modify and adjust all you want so long as you are hitting your macros and getting your nutrients from wholesome sources!

Now its time to BRING IT and inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd




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