Best Protein Sources

best protein sources

Best Protein Sources

Before talking about what the “best protein sources” are in my opinion. I think its appropriate that I first explain why I have labeled them as the best protein sources.

Its pretty simple actually. I chose 12 sources of protein that I personally use almost on a daily bases. If you have seen My 1900 Calorie Diet which is based on the P90X Fat Shredder Plan, then you would know that I dont have a lot of time to prepare and make food choices that would top the Instagram and Pinterest charts…I need healthy choices that are quick and convenient! So these 12 protein packed foods that you are going to see here today that I have deemed the best protein sources have made this list based on that criteria.

First…really quick though – Lets talk about what to look for in a quality protein source so that you can be confident that what you are putting down the hatch is going to help you reach your goals!


Best Protein Sources – 4 Main Sources

When it comes to finding a healthy protein source that promotes fat loss and muscle gains, there are three primary categories that I have found to do just that.

Lean Meats: This includes white meat chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, lean pork, and eggs. With lean meats you want to look for the most natural option. You dont want heavily processed and treated meats, but at the same time I like convenient lean meats. Canned tuna in water is a great option along with chicken tenderloins. Those two items are at the top of my list for the best protein sources for lean meats since they have next to no fat, a ton of protein per serving, and they are super convenient.

Processed Meats: This one is a double edged sword. You can find processed meats that are low in fat and high in protein, but usually its at the expense of chemicals and preservatives. Also, with these processed meats; like turkey jerkey, canadian bacon, or turkey sausage, you are going to see a much higher sodium content.

Dairy: This one is another double edged sword. You can find lots of dairy products that are high in protein, but you really need to watch out for added sugars. The most convenient protein source from dairy that I have found is plain non-fat greek yogurt. It has no fat, high protein, and no added sugars…I add a packet of Stevia for a natural sweetener along with some fresh berries. Also, if you eat any type of cheeses like I lay out in the video below, watch out for the sodium content. I dont recommend taking in over 2500mg of sodium per day (based on national recommended averages)

Supplements: For me, a decent protein whey is essential if you are taking on an intense workout program while trying to shed fat fast. A good protein whey is going to help you reach your protein intake requirements for the day without having to pack down 6 cans of tuna. Lets face it…nobody wants to eat that much tuna and chicken!

Check out my top 12 BEST PROTEIN SOURCES in this video here:


Conclusions on the BEST protein sources

What it comes down to really when it comes to the best protein sources, is what works for you and your goals. For me, thats choosing protein sources that promote my goals and are also incredibly convenient. I have a 45-50hr per week day job, and online business, a wife and kids (5 and 3 years old), church activities, bible studies, people coming over to our house to eat 3-4 times per week, a giant family on my wifes side that has a birthday every single week, lol…I just dont have a lot of time to be preparing any incredibly attractive meals. So these best protein sources really are the BEST for me and help me reach my goals!

You can take these same proteins and use them in your diet, or just comment below and leave some feedback on what you think are some of the best protein sources as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Coach Todd

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