My 1900 Calorie Diet

For those who are wondering what I do during a FAT SHREDDER phase of my diet, I have created this a 7 day table showing exactly what I eat.  Obviously you can substitute things that you like, or work for your budget, but this is just a guideline in case you want to follow EXACTLY what I do to cut body fat unbelievably fast.






DAY-4 (Yoga-X: No E&E or R&R):



DAY-7 (Rest Day):

Now of course I ate other items than just what I have shown here, but this is probably about 95% of what I ate.  And you will notice some things that never change like my Shakeology for breakfast. That is my nutritional foundation and how I start the day off right! Aside from that, I found the food items that I enjoyed and stuck to it.  With fewer food items, it was also easier for me to plan ahead for meals.  If we ever went out to eat, I always looked for lean meats with vegetables or chicken salads with no fatty dressings.  Also, you need to make sure that you are eating every 2.5-3 hours so that your metabolism does not burn up any of your muscle mass for energy.  Its going to take some commitment and determination (I had NO CHEAT MEALS!!!), but I know that with the right variety of foods and a well planned eating schedule, you will succeed!

I hope this example from a week of my fat shredder diet can help you to develop your own plan that works with your tastes, time and budget.

And again, if you want to stay informed so that you have the greatest opportunity for success, sign me up as your FREE coach and you will be exposed to my best tips, advice, and motivation to ensure you have the best opportunity to get the RIPPED body you deserve!

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