Eating Out

Eating out is something that is very intimidating for someone who has just began an extreme lifestyle change. That change being a person who is committed to health and fitness rather than TV and Hungry Man dinners. For me it was especially hard since when my wife and I go out to eat, its always a delicious gourmet burger joint…and I have always had a soft spot (no pun intended, lol) for an amazing burger. I also travel for work sometimes, so making sure I get the right foods at the right time can be a challenge also.

But fear not fellow X-ers! Where there is a will there is a way and I have discovered that there really are ways to make sure you can go out to eat with fam and friends without blowing your progress out of the water! So what I have done hear is provide you with a little ammunition to go to battle against the fear of eating out. A word of caution though…There is a verse in the bible that says “If a man thinks he stands, take heed lest you fall”. Basically, we are all capable of falling off the wagon at any time no matter how strong we think we are. Its up to you to make the choice if going out to eat is going to be too much of a temptation, and if you dont think you can handle it…dont go out to eat if possible. But I want to show you how to succeed in every circumstance so the you can stand strong and stay committed! So here are three tips for staying on track when eating out.

Dont be afraid to ask! – You are a paying customer at a place of business. Their goal is not to just feed you…its to make money, and a restaurant is willing to go to great lengths to make sure that you become a repeat customer! So dont be afraid to ask for substitutions or accommodations that fit your diet plan! When I go out to a burger joint; I get a chicken burger, minus any sauces, I ask for a whole wheat bun if they have it, I ask to have it wrapped in lettuce if they dont have wheat buns, and I ask for steamed veggies instead of the bottomless basket of fries! Mission accomplished! Sometimes they dont have steamed veggies, but they do have fruit usually. I dont care what restaurant you are at, they want your business and they want you to return, so dont be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. You are paying for it after all!

Salads can be manly!!! – Its quite embarrassing sometimes when I go out to eat with my wife and we go to order and I get the grilled chicken salad while my wife, with her freakish metabolism and man appetite, gets a 12oz new york steak with baked patato and all the fixins….The waiter usually endS up placing her dinner in front of me and I would have to tell him that the slab of cow belongs to the little lady. Thats why I call them MAN SALADS…it makes me feel better about myself, lol. But in all seriousness, usually at any food establishment you can find some type of grilled chicken salad with a low fat dressing (on the side). Dont get crispy chicken salad! You dont need that deep fried stuff. That will certainly not help you reach your goals! Grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side is always a safe and satisfying meal. Eventually you get over the masculine vs feminine food stigma….I hope, lol. All I know is that when I have finished a meal like this, I feel confident that I am in control and not my old self who couldnt control his fork!

Do your research! – If at all possible, do a little research before you go to a restaurant to find out whats on the menu. In todays day and age we have smart phones that can access this information instantly. If I have never been to a restaurant, I get online and check out the menu, and if they havnt figured out how the internet works and dont have a website, I call. I say this a lot, but “if you fail to plan, plan on failing”.

If you want RIPPED RESULTS then its going to take some real commitment folks! You can just show up to any old restaurant unpreparred and expect to have success by accident. One important lesson that I have learned from my journey from round to ripped is that success is on purpose. You have to want it bad enough to do what others will not so that you can look and feel the way others cannot! It can be tough at times, but I tell you gang, its so worth the effort. I have never felt so amazing physically and mentally in my whole life, and its all because of a CHOICE TO SUCCEED! I hope these tips can help the next time you go out to eat!

What do you do to stay on track when eating out? What are some of your favorite healthy restaurant dishes?

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