Fanatic Here!

Working out every day and eating clean is just a way of life for me now. It seems as normal to me as going to work, cleaning the house, or making breakfast for my kids in the morning – its a discipline that I have developed into habit over time. I will tell you though, it was NOT easy at first! My old habits just werent working though…

When it comes to working out, I catch a lot of flack from people, asking “do you REALLY work out every day?”. Then I get laughed at like Im a crazy fool! Its almost like people think that its impossible to actually exercise every single day.

The same thing goes for nutrition. My wife’s family is quite large and when all the kids come home for dinner on Sunday or a holiday, the meals are big too; big on calories that is. Then I show up, sometimes even bringing my own food. I get some interesting comments ranging from, “Everything in moderation Todd!” to “You are starting to look too skinny. You really cant keep this up, or you are going to whither away into nothing!” I have heard it all.

To the normal person I am seen as a fanatic! Someone who is beyond obsessed and has moved into the realm of stupidity. Think about what is normal these days though: over-eating, highly processed foods, fast food, sweets, pop…And I tell you what, death by obesity seems a little more like stupidity to me. I can say with confidence that my fanatical attitude about work outs and nutrition as a discipline have changed me from normal into healthy. That discipline has now become habit for me. The reason for my success though was my fanatical approach to my P90X journey. In my first round, I didnt have this attitude. I gave satisfactory effort on both the work outs and nutrition and I got satisfactory results. Well, if you want more than satisfactory, YOU HAVE GOT TO GET FANATICAL!!! Once I committed to 90-days of NO cheat meals and NO skipping workouts, that is when I got RIPPED RESULTS!

Not only was I committed to my nutrition and work outs, but I was committed to learning all that I could about nutrition and fitness! I would stay up late watching videos on nutrition, finding recipes, reading articles on how to maximize results. But if it were not for my fanatical attitude towards my health and fitness, I would not be the healthy human being I am today. And this fanatical healthy guy that still gets laughed at for making the healthy choices is going to have the last laugh when Im old, mobile, and taking zero meds!

So what is my advice to someone who is just starting out? If you are like me, someone who tends to fall back into a rut easily, then you absolutely need to take extreme measures to develop healthy lifelong habits. Get fanatical unit your mind starts to think differently, until your habits change permanently! My habits are now eating clean, working out daily and taking care of my body. Thats just my default now. I hit the reset button on my habits! Now I am not so fanatical about the whole thing. I do most of these things without even thinking too much about it anymore. But until you reach that point, your mind and actions need to be 100% focused on the prize! Disciplines become habit!

While many view being obsessed or fanatical about health and fitness as a negative, as I look back, I know that it was the only way for me to make a change that would last a lifetime!

What is stopping you from engaging 100% and investing in your health? What is stopping you from getting FANATICAL?

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