Dedicated: wholly committed to something, as to an ideal, political cause, or personal goal.

So many people would love to think that they are dedicated to getting fit and healthy or possibly even ripped, but there is something in the definition of dedicated that sets apart those who truly are, “wholly committed”.

When I started P90X I thought I was dedicated until I reached the end of my 90 day journey and wasnt where I wanted to be. When I found my coach online and saw the results that he got in 90 days I realized that I wasnt wholly committed to my personal goal. As I look back I can remember justifying in my mind the reasons I had to skip a workout here and there, or eat something that wasnt “P90X approved” every once in a while…”after all its Christmas!” So back to my day 90 results: I only achieved around 70% of the results that I really wanted. The reason being is because I was only putting in around 70% effort; I wasnt wholly committed.

Lots of people who take on P90X or Insanity come into the challenge thinking that as long as they do most the workouts and eat generally healthy, then they are going to get the as seen on tv results. Well these people couldnt be more wrong. The people that get crazy results are the people that do what the other 87.5% are not willing to do. And where the heck did I pull that number out of you ask, lol? Good question!

Here are some statistics that will show you just how dedicated the people are who do P90X or Insanity:

Of the people that purchase P90X/Insanity/etc. Only 25% actually complete the program. That means that for every 4 people that go through these programs, only 1 person completes the full round! One reason that Beachbody works so hard at developing the coaching program is because they know that if someone has a coach who is there to motivate and encourage them, then they are far more likely to fall into that 25% category.

My question to you though is, “What are you doing to be SURE that you are in that 25% who finish?” Take some time and think about this, because if you start a rigorous training program like this without having firm goals and a complete understanding of what it will take to reach those goals, then you will end up in that 75% who fall off the wagon. I am serious guys, you need to decide right now EXACTLY what you are going to do different in order to finish what you started!!! I have set up RIPPEDCLUB so that there is some degree of accountability, but ultimately you are going to decide if you want to reach your goals or not. Your action will show whether you are wholly committed or not. Your RESULTS will show your level of commitment!

Of the 25% who complete their program, only half said that they gave 100% effort on the nutrition!!! Thats only 12.5% who are wholly committed!!! One thing I hate to hear from people who are not happy with their results after round 1 or even round 2 is that, “I didnt really follow the diet.” Are you friggin kidding me!!! Why on earth would you put yourself through the vigorous workouts from programs like P90X and Insanity and then undermine all that effort with poor dieting? I just didnt get it…until I realized “That was me”. I didnt want it bad enough and nor do the people who dont commit 100% to their nutrition and supplements.

Now I dont want to come down on you. I LOVE YOU GUYS! But I really want you guys to have the type of success that I have had. I want everyone in RIPPEDCLUB to be in that 12.5% who reach their goals and have the results to show for it!!! Thats why I work so hard as your coach to stay plugged in and keep you plugged in. Dont be surprised if I email you personally or message you on facebook to check in and see how things are going. I truly care about you guys and I care whether or not you are making progress toward you goals. I just hope you care enough about your goals to listen to my advice.

Have you guys seen My Updated Results video? If you need a little extra motivation to BRING IT every single day and never cheat on your nutrition, then check it out and see exactly what I have accomplished doing exactly that! I am in that 12.5% and I want you to be in it with me! Be more than just mediocre! Be the ones who have arrived at their goals!!! Be the minority who do what others are not willing to do, in order to get the results others arent willing to work for!!!

I told myself when I started P90X that I was going to do whatever it took to get absolutely RIPPED! Even my own wife doubted my commitment. After day 90 and not seeing the results that I wanted, I went back to the drawing board and wrote out a plan that would ensure my success! I stuck to the plan and never wavered!!! I never skipped a workout and I never cheated on my nutrition. And after the next 90 days I reached my goal and it blew people away! I want to see you at the finish line with me RIPPEDCLUB!!! LETS BE THE 12.5%!!!


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