Day 365

It been just over one year ago since I made the decision to commit to getting fit and healthy! What a year it has been too!!! Back on Day-1 I never would have expected to be where I am at today! I never even considered helping anyone get results, let alone being given the blessed opportunity to help the 100 plus people who have joined our RIPPEDCLUB crew!

Lets take a look at where I started my journey at Day-1, December 20, 2011:

I was tipping the scale at 228lbs and 27% body fat! I had never been this big in my entire life. I had also never felt so crappy in my entire life. I had no energy, I was constantly getting sick, and the most shameful part for me was that I wasnt taking care of the body that I had been given by the Lord! I had given up…

I had tried to take back control many times in the past. I had ordered P90X 5 years prior to this photo and without fail I would find an excuse to quit 3 weeks in, 6 weeks in. I recently read this quote: “A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough.” ~ John Christian Bovee. This couldnt be more true for me when I tried getting fit all those years ago. When we really want something, we will make a way for it to happen. Our priorities are displayed in our actions and it was very plain to see that getting healthy was not at the top of my list, although I liked to make it appear as such.

So what is that changed 1 year ago and made this time different from all the other attempts at P90X. This time was different because of conviction and just being plain sick and tired (literally) of being fat! I started pushing play everyday once again, but then I noticed I wasnt really giving 100% effort. I had gone a full round of 90 days for the first time, but I would say I skipped about 20% of the workout and I definitely didnt give 100% on my nutrition. And my results displayed a lack of commitment. My goal was to have complete control over my body and get RIPPED, and when I didnt reach that goal, I went into beast mode!

Ticked off that I didnt have the results I had expected, I started cruising youtube for transformations to see what types of results other people were getting. Well, I found what I was looking for. I found my coach’s results video which gave me a whole new level of motivation!

Round 2 was going to be different and the difference was the support I got through my new Team Beachbody coach!!! My coach displayed an incredible dedication that I could model. He wasnt just an infomercial photo (although he did make it into the informercial, lol). My coach had set up tools and guidlines for me that helped me to follow in his footsteps. I finally had something I could model. Before, I was just goin at it on my own with no clue on how to maximize my results. My coach showed me his diet, he showed me tips to get better at the moves in P90X, he showed me what supplements worked for him.

The rest is history! I dropped a total of 50lbs and went from 27% body fat down to 7% with the help of P90X, Insanity: The Asylum and the motivation provided me by my coach! I continue to eat clean every single day and I continue to workout every single day. I cant imagine ever going back to the way I was before. I have a new appreciation for the body that has been given to me. I have energy levels that I hope and pray everyone may someday experience. I have an overall better perspective on life now that I am fit and healthy. How could I possibly go back? Not to mention I have you guys to keep me honest!

I am now trying to gain weight these past 5 weeks? “why on earth???” you are probably saying to yourself, lol. I am actually trying to gain muscle mass. My goal is to be a solid 185-188 at 6-7% body fat. I have been eating an incredible amount of food, which is really fun and I am on pace to reach my goal. I have actually been gaining about 1lb per week. I have put on a tiny layer of extra fat, which was expected in order to build muscle, but I can still see the abs which is good! I will be using P90X2 starting January 2nd to cut and get ready for the P90X2 infomercial!!! That is my next goal: Being chosen for the first P90X2 infomercial!

The last year has been a crazy ride; from losing 50lbs, being featured on as a success story, becoming a coach and having the opportunity to reach out to thousands of people to help them reach their goals. It truly has been a blessing. I owe so much to you guys here in RIPPEDCLUB. Its not easy to push play everyday or choose the healthy option every time, but thanks to you guys, I am encouraged to do what I know is best for my health! So I close this article on day 365 of my journey with a Thank You…To everyone who has encouraged, believed in, and motivated me to do what others said was impossible. Thank You again and God bless you!

Coach Todd


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