Focus T25 Nutrition Plan

Focus T25 Nutrition PlanThe Focus T25 Nutrition Plan is probably one of the most condensed nutrition plans I have ever seen. When you compare it to some others like the P90X Nutrition Plan or the Insanity Nutrition Plan, you are going to be pleasently surprised at how simple they keep things. One of the philosophies that I have always had with nutrition is that, if you keep nutrition simple…more people will be successful with it. The Focus T25 Nutrition Plan nailed it! One of the reasons I developed the Nutrition Zone was to help simplify nutrition for you guys (by the way, let me know if the Nutrition Zone is a helpful resource for you – just comment below. thanks!!!)

But lets get right into showing just how simple the Focus T25 Nutrition Plan really is!


Overview Of The Focus T25 Nutrition Plan

Focus T25 is really focused on a broader audience than something like Insanity or Body Beast, so its only appropriate that the nutrition side of it be appealing to a more broad audience as well. The philosophy behind the Focus T25 Nutrition Plan is this:

“It’s simple. Eat smaller portions, 5 times a day.”

Eating every few hours has been proven to regulate blood sugar levels which prevents those crazy binge cravings and that up and down energy roller coaster. It has also been shown to improve your metabolism! The T25 diet recommends eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks every day.

The 4-Step Calorie Quiz

In the T25 Nutrition Guide you are shown what they are calling a “4-step calorie quiz” to figure out if you should be eating 1,200 calories or 1,600 calories per day. This is where the simplicity comes in. They only give you two calorie intake options and 4 questions to determine which calorie intake you will use. This doesn’t really work for the person who is trying to maintain their fitness results and need upwards of 2500 calories per day to do so. If you are not trying to lose fat, then I recommend following a maintenance diet based on the P90X nutrition plan. But the 4-step calorie quiz is an awesome way to very quickly (and college-level-math free way) of determining how many calories per day you should be eating to lose fat.



Calories Per Meal

The simpleness continues where the Focus T25 Nutrition Plan breaks down your calories per meal for you! These are based on estimates depending on your target calories for the day and the recipes which you will find in the T25 Nutrition Guide when you order Focus T25 are designed to work with both the 1,2oo and 1,600 calorie intake levels.

Here is how the “calories per meal” breaks down for each intake level:

T25 Nutrition Plan


Conclusions On The T25 Meal Plan

The Focus T25 Nutrition Plan is perfect for someone who is just beginning their fitness journey and wants to get great results. Its simple, easy to follow, and literally anyone can understand it. Where I see the T25 Nutrition Plan falling short is for people who want to get extreme results…In order to do that, you have to be precise with your nutrition! You have to track every gram of proteins, carbs, and fats and be sure your macronutrient ratio is in line with your goal. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure you check out the Nutrition Zone where I walk you through how to do all these things step-by-step! Otherwise, this Focus T25 Nutrition Plan will suit most fitness goers goals!


Coach Todd

PS – what it all comes down to is commitment. If getting the results that have eluded you for so long is important to you…then you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make sure you dont fail!

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