Focus T25 Calorie Intake

focus t25 calorie intakeToday’s post is going to focus (haha) on the Focus T25 calorie intake…

With the release of Focus T25 and the overwhelming response and demand, people are really digging in to this program and finding that it fits their lifestyle pretty well! As a results, people are really getting excited about getting fit for the first time and learning everything they can about it, and with that desire to learn as much as they can, people are really analyzing the Focus T25 calorie intake suggested in the T25 Nutrition Plan.

I have been getting a slew of questions and inquiries about whether or not 1100, 1200, or 1600 calories per day is enough fuel for your body with a program like T25. So lets first take a look at each of the three calorie intake options offered in the T25 Nutrition Guide:


Focus T25 Calorie Intake Levels

First off there is the Focus T25  5 Day Fast Track. This is based on a 1,100 calorie per day balance of proteins, carbs, and fats and has all your meals planned out for you. While this does sound incredibly low, there is a little disclaimer in the guide that states, if you are feeling low on energy , lagging in your workouts, or having trouble concentrating…you can double up on one or both of the snack options each day for a few more calories.

Your other two options are a 1,200 or 1,600 calorie/day plan. The one you choose is determined by the Focus T25 4-Step Calorie Quiz below



But the big question still remains:

is 1,100 – 1,200 – or even 1,600 calories enough fuel per day when doing a program as intense as Focus T25?


How to know if you are eating enough calories with Focus T25

you really need to listen to your body on this one… But it really has a lot to do with your current level of fitness. Some people’s metabolism burns much faster now that they are in shape. When they first started, they might have felt just fine at 1600cals/day whereas now, that same person who is in shape and has been eating clean for 12 months would pass out on only 1600cals/day.

Some people can function perfectly fine on 1,100 or 1,200 calories per day and have plenty of energy to spare. That is going to become increasingly difficult as you progress in your fitness journey. When you start fueling a furnace with the right kinds of fuel, and you start building a bigger, stronger, faster, healthier furnace…its going to require more fuel.

I remember hitting a giant plateau with P90X about a year and a half ago. I was taking in 1,900 calories per day and was seeing amazing results. But one day I just stopped losing fat….just STOPPED! I couldnt figure out why on earth I wasnt making any progress either. After a little research though, I tried upping my calorie intake to 2,300 calories per day… And wouldnt ya know it, the fat began melting away again! My body needed more fuel as it became more fit! I was feeding it the best kinds of fuel possible and I was burnin in up like crazy! So much so that my body went into a mini survival mode and conserved fat since it thought I was starving, lol.


Focus T25 Calorie Intake -Depleted vs Tired

How do you know you’re “depleted” and need more calories?

First off I am going to assume that you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, otherwise energy depletion can be mistaken for sleep deprivation, lol. If you do NOT have the energy to do your workout and function with ample energy with normal daily tasks, and you have trouble concentrating…then I would say you are depleted and you might try upping your calorie intake by 100-200 cals per day.

This whole deal still begs another question though…

So should I follow the T25 Nutrition Plan?

I would say that if you are just starting your fitness journey…yes, follow the nutrition plan and listen to your body to see if you need to add more calories along the way. If you have been rockin other beachbody fitness programs for some time now…1,600 calories per day might not be enough for you and your level of calorie needs. I would recommend starting out at 1,600 as specified in the T25 nutrition guide, and each day, really pay attention (if you can concentrate, lol) on how your body reacts. If you feel like you need more calories, bump it up by 1,00 calories per day and then see how you feel.

If your goal is fat loss though, you dont want to go over your calorie intake to maintain your current weight.

Did this info on the “Focus T25 calorie intake” help??? I know a lot of you were kind of hesitant to follow its guidelines, but hopefully this has brought you a little more comfort in knowing where and how you can plan and adjust.


Coach Todd



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