I Lied To You…

liarI feel like a terrible person and I feel like I really dropped the all here and let you down…

In July you guys remember when the Focus T25 Challenge Pack was on sale for $180 instead of $205???

I told you that this sale was ending on July 31st…

Well…I lied.

Actually, Beachbody made me a liar when they decided today to extend the Focus T25 Challenge Pack Sale through the end of August!

hahaha…you were about to get a new coach huh. I could see you startin to get all flustered wondering, “what the heck did Coach Todd lie to me about???”

…I would never, and you know that 🙂


So the Focus T25 Challenge Pack is On Sale Still!

Through the entire rest of the month of August, the Focus T25 Challenge Pack will only cost you $180! If you were to buy just the workout program and shakeology separately…you would be paying $90 more than you have to!

The results that our RIPPEDCLUB members are seeing are astounding! We just started another Focus T25 Challenge Group on the 29th of July and in just one week, people are seeing 3-10lbs of pure fat loss! I cant describe to you the excitement and motivation this is creating in our group! And its only 25 minutes per day!!! Even one of our verteran members Jon (who runs 31 miles trail races with 5000 ft of elevation change) was pleasantly surprised when he burned 507 calories in just 25 minutes with Focus T25!

focus t25 august challenge pack discount

Order T25 Today!


You Gotta Get Off the Sidelines!

You gotta quit viewing from the sidelines and GET IN THE GAME! This program, along with a solid nutritional foundation with shakeology, I believe is the gateway to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life! We all are busy, but this is only 25 minutes and you get myself coaching you through it along with an entire team who is going through the trenches with you!

…stop saying “I could never”

…stop saying “that looks too hard”

…stop saying “I dont have time”

…stop with the excuses because YOU CAN, YOU CAN, YOU DO HAVE TIME and I want to help you realize the potential you have inside you! You have a vibrant, fit, healthy, energetic YOU who is dieing to get out and its going to happen when you join our next T25 Challenge Group!


What Do I Have To Do?

…This part is simple.

#1 Your first step is to order your Focus T25 Challenge Pack.

#2 Next, email me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net and let me know you want to reserve your spot in our next T25 Challenge!

#3 I will get back to you to discuss your goals and lay out an action plan on how to reach them!

#4 Get ready to GET IT DONE!

This is a complete solution to finally getting in the best shape of your life, just like I did two years ago.

Was it easy? No

Was it worth it? Oh hell YES!


If you plan on ordering but cant do so this moment, but you still want a spot reserved in our challenge group, be sure you message me on facebook or email me and let me know so that your spot does not get filled. I want you in this!!! You can make the change, and the RIPPEDCLUB team and I are going to help you!

Now its time to FOCUS, BRING IT…and inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd

PS: I have some more CRAZY discounts that Beachbody is offering this month too! I will talk about those later this week! I want to be sure and provide you guys with some valuable posts this week…not just news of discounts, lol.

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