FOCUS T25 Workout – Is This INSANITY 2?

FOCUS T25 Sneak PeakYou might have heard some buzz about the new FOCUS T25 Workout from Shaun T…Many of you RIPPEDCLUB Insaniacs have been waiting for something new from Shaun T. You’ve done Insanity (maybe even multiple rounds), you have done Asylum and you still haven’t had enough. You feel the urge to take it to the next level….You’re sick 🙂 But I know how you feel!

I had a chance to be  a part of a private Q&A session with some of the leaders and trainers from Beachbody in Orlando, Florida this last week and the question was asked to Shaun T, “Will there be an Insanity 2?”

Well, Shaun T has heard our call and produced a program that is going to get you better results in less time!

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes long workouts. I mean, I love my P90X2 and Asylum workouts… But if I could get the same or better results with a daily workout that took only 25 minutes rather than 45-70 minutes, isn’t that the workout you’d want to do? And wouldn’t you want to do it more often? I know I would!

FOCUS T25 Workout


>>YES! I Want To Try Focus T25 Today!!<<

Here is Shaun T speaking on Focus T25:

“So I made it my mission to create a workout program that would get your body looking like you’d spent hours at the gym…in only 25 minutes a day—less time than you’d spend driving to and from the gym! FOCUS T25 is that workout.

So how can I get you such amazing results in just 25 minutes a day? By pushing you hard—with short, high-intensity exercises that force
your body’s chemistry to adapt so you get shredded. Even though you’re working out shorter, you’re getting strong and getting cut faster. That’s what makes FOCUS T25 the most efficient workout ever created.”


What is the FOCUS T25 Workout?

The FOCUS T25 workout is going to be a lot of what you have seen in Insanity and The Asylum, but its condensed into a 5 day per week program and only 25 minutes per day.

You will get less break time and more focus on getting results in the least amount of time possible. This might be the most difficult workout you have ever done in your entire life….

The FOCUS T25 workout has been broken up into 3 phases: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Each phase focuses on specific fitness areas such as performance, speed and agility, and the Gamma phase is what I am looking forward to: strength. The Gamma phase will most likely be what you saw from The Asylum.



>>YES! I Want To Try Focus T25 Today!!<<



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