My Insanity Results

INSANITYWell the time has come to show you guys what can be done in just 60 days! Taking on Insanity was EXACTLY what I needed in order to get back on the wagon with my health and fitness!

A lot of you saw my P90X2 results which got me in the best shape of my life…I then had a go at Body Beast with not so much luck (my own fault, cuz the program friggin rocks). I learned a lot about myself and what it takes for me personally to stay committed to a program and diet plan as well. You can read all about what happened in my Coach Todd Fails article.

I came into this fitness program knowing that it was going to be a challenge, but I think thats what made it so appealing. I had gotten complacent with my current workouts (or lack thereof) and was no longer challenging myself.

Insanity was literally the hardest workout program I have ever tackled, but dont let that scare you…I was taking breaks all over the place. I dont even know if Shaun-T himself could keep the pace he was setting, lol. The point was though that I consistently pushed PLAY for 60 days and gave it my best during every single workout.

My nutrition was also spot on for the entire program! If you want to check out exactly what I ate, in what proportions, and the principles that I followed during Insanity – You can check out My Insanity Meal Plan

So I know you just want to get to my Insanity results and Insanity Fit Test resluts…So here they are!

Coach Todd Insanity Results

Day-1 Stats:

Weight – 186lbs

Body Fat – 13%

Day-60 Stats:

Weight – 183lbs

Body Fat – 8%

A lot of people get discouraged when they dont see the numbers on the scale moving, but as you can see from my results, 3lbs of fat made all the difference in the world. What blew me away though was that my body fat percentage dropped by 5% resulting in a 7lb increase in lean body mass….WITH A CARDIO PROGRAM!!!

Whoever said you can gain muscle doing a cardio program…well, share my results with em!

The Fit Test showed giant improvement as well over the 60 day program. My endurance and speed are off the charts. I play softball and flag football in the summer time and I have noticed it takes quite a bit to get me winded now! Insanity has taken my cardio performance to a whole…nuva…level! LOL, here are my fit test results!

Insanity Fit Test Results

If you have been on the fence about Insanity because you think it might be too hard…you gotta get over that! Its all about showin up and pressing play and doing your best! Like I said…I took all kiiinds a breaks and look at my results!

Just show up, dont be scerd, and dont make excuses! These are some of the fastest results I have seen in my own personal fitness journey and I know it can do the same for you if you follow the program.

If you are ready to take the Insanity Challenge…you can Buy Insanity HERE. Let me know when you do because we have challenge groups starting all the time where you can join in and get the accountability you need to make it through all 60 days…cuz you will want to quit, LOL…I did, and if it weren’t for the team I had been a part of in a challenge group, I would not have had this success. So make it happen!

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