Cesar Goes Insane!

Cesar has a story like a lot of the members of RIPPEDCLUB…He tried and failed, then got connected with RIPPEDCLUB, got his nutrition on track and bam!!! Dude got ridiculous results with Insanity! I am gunna let Cesar tell his story though. He is a man of few words, but it is what it is and I couldnt be more proud of him!

Cesar’s story in his own words:

I was 200 lbs. Size 36 i was in very poor shape i decided to order insanity off television but after 2 weeks stoped failded with no results due to poor eating … I came across your videos on YouTube when i was looking for motivation and found it.. And your video were u break dowm the nutritional guide was awsome … I then got shakeology i followed all the steps according to weight and i lost 30 lbs . went down to 168 lbs. Waist 30. So i even got my insanity shirt:) 

cesar before and after insanity


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