Tyler Digs DEEPER!

Tyler is a good friend of mine from Church. I never really thought he was overweight, but one day he showed up on stage at Church playing bass and I was like, “holy crap, Tyler leaned out!”

I talked to him after the service and he told me that he tackled 2 rounds of Insanity and had lost 30lbs! That is seriously unheard of!!! Thats a 1/4 pound of fat loss per DAY! Talk about feelin the burn!

Check out Tyler’s awesome results and feel free to ask him any questions in the comments below!

Tyler Digs DEEPER!

Here is Tyler’s story in his own words:

I had just turned 25 and was at 190 and at 6′ tall, and that was my breaking point.  After Christmas I knew I needed to change.  I’ve also heard that for a guy, your peak physical condition is somewhere between and age of 25-27.  I figured since I was 25 I better not waste those years to get in shape!  I’ve tried the gym membership in the past, but without a schedule to follow I wouldn’t get the results I wanted and I would just end up stopping all together.  I assumed that if I had a program to follow that was proven, and stuck with it I would see amazing results.  Insanity was exactly what I needed.  I knew right off the bat I wanted to see fat loss.  If the fat went away, then I could start working on the muscle gains.  I started in February of 2013.  I changed my eating habits, using the calorie goals of the insanity health plan and chose healthy options for every meal I was able to see huge losses in my weight.  After my first time through the program I lost 15 pounds which brought me to 175.  I decided to do another round as I felt I had more weight to lose and really enjoyed the program.  For the second time through, I kept everything the same except I made sure I had a recovery shake after every workout.  I wasn’t as sore with the recovery shake and I saw some better gains in tone from them too.  After my second time through the program I dropped 17 more pounds to 158 pounds.  32 total pounds of weight loss! I feel amazing.  I am easily in the best shape of my life, but the biggest thing for me is I’ve changed my lifestyle.  I’m addicted to working out.  I’m addicted because I got results.  There is nothing worse then working out and not seeing any benefit.  I’m jumping to p90x in two weeks.  Right now to keep my cardio up I’m still running and making sure to watch my calories so I don’t gain back any weight during my ‘off weeks.’ 
People always ask me was it hard?  Of course it was!  Have you seen my before and after picture?  Results like that don’t happen just because I took some magic pill.  My wife would come out to the garage and see me lying on the floor in a pool of my own sweat.  But every day it was worth it and I’m excited to tell people about it.
If I had one piece of advice to give people it would be to weigh in every day.  I’m not going to tell you I went 4 months without a cheat meal.  Because I let myself cheat for a meal a week.  And I needed that so I could make myself eat healthy the rest of the week, but what helped me was being able to see the results of working out and eating healthy or the negative effects of not eating healthy and not working out.  When you see your weight go up by a pound since yesterday and you had a burger and a shake for dinner it’s pretty easy to see why it went up.  Tracking everyday kept me on pace.
I look forward to my continual fitness journey.  Next pic you see of me hopefully I’ll be ripped! 
Here is what Tyler did in a nutshell:
DECIDE: He made a decision to change his life
COMMIT: He committed to making that change happen…He committed to the workouts everyday, he committed to eating healthy and taking the right supplements!
SUCCEED: You saw his results!
My Free 5 Day Bootcamp covers the details Tyler discussed on how he tracked his nutrition and found the motivation to push play every single day. This bootcamp will teach you HOW to prevent failure and get the results you want…Just like Tyler did!
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Proud of you bud!!!
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