Coach Todd Fails…

This blog post is really tough for me to make because I feel like I have let everyone in RIPPEDCLUB down as a leader, but I also want everyone to know that I am human.

Let me explain…

Just about 90 days ago I started BODY BEAST. At about that same time, my wife and I had finally come to a point with our finances so that Molly (my wife) was able to quit her job and stay at home with the kids. Thanks to Beachbody and the coaching opportunity we had reached one of our primary goals for our family in just over 1 year. So that was really exciting.

In addition to that, some of you might have seen some of my Facebook posts on some internet marketing stuff that I have been doing. I am building another business as well online in order to give ourselves a nice cushion and have the opportunity to give back more to our church where needed. One of my dreams is to give large amounts of money anonymously to causes that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are focused on meeting the needs of others.

I started out doing Body Beast and didnt miss a single workout for about the first month. Then as my wife quitting her job was becoming more of a reality, I sort of kicked my internet marketing endeavors into high gear. That meant when the kids went to bed at 8:00pm, I was doing the entrepreneur thing until midnight. And let me tell you that 5:00am comes really quick. I used to be able to function just fine on 5 hours of sleep, but not anymore…

So needless to say, I started making excuses to miss my workouts. I would miss one or two per week, but the part that really sucks is that when you start compromising in one area of your health and fitness, you begin to compromise in other areas as well. You probably know that I am talking about nutrition…What makes it even more easy to compromise with Body Beast is that reasoning in your head that says, “Well…I AM trying to gain weight, so one piece of pizza wont hurt”. Then that turns into two and three pieces.

I have actually been really discouraged these past few weeks, and in fact – I have not worked out in the last 9 days…I feel ashamed as a coach, but I want to share my faults so that you guys know that I am human and that its okay to fall. And even though I have fallen, I have not failed.

I dont want to be some hypocrite who tells you guys to press play everyday and track your nutrition everyday unless I am doing the same thing. I dont think the whole bulking thing is for me. I love the workouts, but the nutrition plan allows me personally, too much room to compromise.

So whats my plan?

I plan on doing the Ultimate Reset starting on November 5th. I feel like I need a brand new start and I know that this is going to be the perfect way to give me that boost and get my body back into balance nutritionally. After the Ultimate Reset, I am going to get back to something more intense as far as fitness goes. I really want to do a mish mash of P90X2, Asylum, and Body Beast…Get back down to around 6-7% body fat and feel amazing again.

I truly am sorry if I have let any of you down. I understand if you think I am a poor example, but I hope that you accept my genuine apology and know that I am committed to setting an example that lives up to the RIPPEDCLUB motto of NO EXCUSES.

I have learned a lot about what I need to stay consistent with my health and fitness through this experience and it only goes to solidify what I am constantly telling you guys; that your health and fitness is a journey…not a destination.

Love you guys and appreciate you!

time to BRING IT…Again!

Coach Todd

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