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Angela amazes me! She is a super busy mom of 4 (which if you are a stay at home mom…you KNOW its way harder than any day job out there!). What amazes me about her is her refusal to make excuses! She originally joined us in our first Focus T25 Challenge group and her results were top notch! Then she went on the the Asylum and now she will be doing P90X3 with us this December!

…Check out her results video! Notice the kids and how Angela is modeling a healthy lifestyle right in front of their eyes! What an amazing gift that a parent can give a child…an example!

You moved mountains Angela and I am so proud to have you on our RIPPEDCLUB team!


Here is Angela’s Story in her own words:

Many who know me may never have thought that I struggled with my weight. But after I had my third baby, Eloise, I had gained so much weight I resigned myself to the fact I’d never have that “model” body back.  I was overweight and depressed and feeding that depression with more food. I had seen P90X infomercials on TV and talked to my husband about it, but with three small kids at home I thought there would be no time…or energy to do it. But that year for my birthday my mother-in-law got me the best gift-P90X.  I started that Jan and by Oct I was almost back to my modeling days!  Then I got pregnant with Miles, my fourth. And guess what? Surprise, I gained even MORE weight with him!  But at least this time I knew what to do. By this time Insanity was all over the infomercials so I ordered that.  I moved on to Asylum Vol 1 and 2.  I was getting into the best shape of my life.  I was even thinking I might be able to get back into modeling.  But I knew that if I did, I’d have to look better at 37 than I did at 25.   So I was doing some research on the internet and came across a website, There I met Beachbody Coach Todd Warren. He helped me change what I ate, how I thought about food, and I joined one of his T25 challenge groups.  With his help I’m pretty much where I wanted to be….but its funny…. once I started to see the changes in my body….my goals have changed.  Why can’t I get those abs after 4 kids? Who says getting ripped is only for the boys? How many burpees can a 37 year old woman do? These are my new goals.

I’m saying all this to document the changes that have happened in my life since using Beachbody products. I also started using a product they sell called Shakeology. Can’t wait to see how using this effects my results! One shake a day contains all the nurtients you need for the whole day! Great for me, since I’m running around with 4 kids all day!

So I just became a Beachbody coach. I am an example that these products work. That you dont need an expensive gym membership to get into the best shape of our life. I did it all in my basemement, usually with a kid or two watching me! There is no better time than the present to start improving your health. It affects all areas of your life. I’m thankful for the support I have gotten from my husband and my kids.  Its so a part of our lives that Eloise, my workout buddy, wonders when we are heading to the basement and which DVD are we doing!  It’s been life-changing.



One of the KEY factors in getting results like Angela did is having someone who has gone before you and gotten the results that you want. Then it becomes as simple as monkey see monkey do. If you want the same results as someone else…do what they did. It really is that simple!

Thats why I want you to make me your free coach right now. If you REALLY want the results…then lock arms with our team and let me show you how to do it. You will get one-on-one support, motivation, tips, and advice from me (Coach Todd) personally! On top of that, you get the support of our entire RIPPEDCLUB crew! Lets make it happen!

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