Tommy Taylor just hit the 1 year mark with his fitness journey.  Anyone who would consider themselves to be “skinny fat” needs to read on and learn how Tommy did it, because he did it the right way.  He followed the “big ripped/small ripped” philosophy and focused initially on getting rid of the body fat.

Then he moved on to gaining some serious mass with Body Beast and gained a decent amount of weight (he was even featured in the Body Beast infomercial).  In the process, he gained a bit of body fat which should be expected when building mass…  So once he was happy with his gains, he shifted his focus again on cutting the fat and got even more ripped than ever, and even maintained his new muscle gains.

Now he’s at a super low body fat and can show off the muscle gains he’s made with discipline, dedication, and a strict focus on his nutrition.

Tommy started at 180 lbs at 18-20% body fat.  After 2 rounds of p90x he was 140 at 6.4% body fat – down 40 lbs from where he stared!

After a bulking round with Body Beast he gained 22lbs and then did a cutting round (still using Body Beast workouts but changing the nutrition plan) and got down to 5.5% body fat at 155lbs.  So by sticking to the plan and focusing on cutting fat, then mass building, then fine tuning the body fat, Tommy kept 15lbs of lean muscle overall.


Here is Tommy’s story in his own words:

I wanted to give y’all my story and a little info about my success with beachbody products and how they have changed my life.

I am from the great state of Texas and from a city called humble. I grew up in Humble but spent most of my time at my grandma”s in Houston, TX.

I met my wife in High school when I was 16 and she was 15. We got married when we got out of high school and have been together for 9 years all most 10.  I have two kids, a little girl named Avery and baby boy named Jacob.

Before I started working out my life was beer, the pool, junk food, more beer and OH more beer and long boarding. I was living the life… so I thought!  396472_392625650764622_1950945225_n

In early 2012 I got tired of being chubby. I did not want to end up fat. I have never been fat but I guess you could of called me a skinny fat guy. I have always been a small skinny guy.

I heard about P90X so I decided to order it and give it a shot.  I told everybody that I would be ripped in 90 days and no one believed me that it works or I could do it. Well that pushed me even harder to do it. I nailed my diet and never skipped a workout. It was not easy by no means on me or my family.

Day 90 came and well I was down to 6.4% body fat from 18-20% body fat. I lost  about 50 lbs and loved my results so much that I decided I wanted to help people achieve the same results and change there lives for ever.


Well its been a little over a year from when I started and I have a body that I would of never thought I could get.  I have became a beach-body coach,fitness model,p90x instructor and personal trainer! I would of laughed in my face a year a go if I would of been told that!

I have true passion for fitness and I love helping people reach there goals!

302771_569825456377973_791287890_nIve done one bulking round of a mass Building program by beach-body called Body Beast and this is my results.

After that I did a cutting round of  Body-Beast and these are my current results. I gained a total of 22 lb in 90 days. After I cut back I kept 15-17lbs! BodyBeast Is my favoret program by far!

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