Maria’s Crazy Results!

Maria has a story that is like many of ours…life’s circumstances took over and she fell into poor habits that took her to a place where she didnt want to be.

She didnt let those circumstances get her down though! She did something about it!

…I will let HER tell the story in her own words.


Maria’s Story: In Her Own Words

My name is Maria Labrada, I am 26 years old, married, I have 6 year old boy and a 5 year old daughter. I am currently a full time employee as a caregiver and a part time at a hair salon.
I am going to share my story about how and why I decided to do P90X and how it has changed my life and those around me.

Maria's results Before


My lifestyle was very poor, I had bad eating habits, and I was not an active person, my overweight problem started during my second pregnancy, my eating habits got worst, I figured I was eating for two so I ate twice as much, and very unhealthy. Being a full time employee and working early in the mornings was an excuse for me, I would just stop at a drive thru and buy fats food all the time. For that reason I gained extra weight during my pregnancy. 

After I had Valeria I was hanging on a lot of weight from all the crappy food I was eating. I thought I was going to go back to my normal size, just like I did I with my first pregnancy, it didn’t happen! Do to all my overeating and bad choices. 

Before my kids I never had an overweight problem, I had never watch my diet so I didn’t do it after my second pregnancy, I thought it was a matter of time, and I would eventually shrink. WRONG!! 
The months passed, the years passed and I was just gaining weight, I didn’t know how to handle it. The easiest thing for me was just to keep buying bigger sizes, with the kids and been and having a full time job, I didn’t care a lot about the way I look, or I didn’t think it was a priority. 

From been size 3 I went up to size 14, and From 125lbs I went to 176lbs. I don’t know how I let my self get this far without thinking it could cause me health problems! One thing I was sure, I wasn’t myself anymore, I wasn’t happy with myself, I didn’t have confidence, bad mood, lack of energy, tired, my feet hurt all the time for standing too long. After work it was like the day was over for me, I remember my children wanting me to play outside with them and I didn’t have the energy to do it, is horrible what bad choices bring. I got to the point where I said this is enough! I was tired of been overweight, I am young, my kids need me strong and healthy, I wanted to set an example for them…. 

I decided to find a way to fix this, so I did change some of my diet, and I started running on the treadmill for 30 min. Lost 10lbs I was excited, but I never passed from that. the nutrition part was a big challenge for me, i had to give up all my traditional Mexican foods, plus I didn’t know 80% of my results would come from my diet, lol. I didn’t really stop eating some of the foods, I just had smaller portions, it was frustrated for not getting better results, I quit, and gained those 10lbs back. One time I was on FB and I saw a friend from hair school posting before and after pictures and something about P90X! I had no idea what p90x it got my attention so I asked her about it, she had just started this home program, and it was great! But it didn’t convinced me… Her posts and status kept on getting my attention, so I asked her again, and she told me if you commit to this it really works, if you wanted like you say, you will see results! She motivated me, and I said is Now or Never! Lol I got p90x read everything, did everything it asked me to do. I started in May of 2012, I did the first 6 weeks I committed 100% and I lost 23lbs, and dropped to size 9 😀 Yes, I was so excited! I took a look back to my before pictures and I couldn’t believe the change even thought I hadn’t reach my goal, it was big change! It was June 2012 and I was getting ready for my family vacation, I had pack my workouts and shakeology, determined to do it in the hotel. I failed to do the workouts, 🙁 same with the diet, my excuse was, I am on vacation I will be back on track once I get home, I did stay on the workouts for 1 week and 1/2 and quit, same with the diet after having cheat meals during my vacations, I thought I already messed up my diet, it didn’t matter. DONT DO THAT, get back up, do your best and forget the rest!

Maria's results After

The “After” Smile!

6 months passed and I didn’t go back to it. I said I will start on January 2013 that would be my goal for the new year, I started de first week and quit, I tried the following week, and quit again. I just didn’t feel like doing it. I got in touch with my friend again because I really wanted to go back to it, but I needed motivation and support, she became a coach and she was getting to start a challenge group with insanity in April 2013. I decided to join her, and I became a coach because I was going to keep drinking Shakeology and I could save some money too. but this time I sat down with my parents and husband, I wanted to tell them how serious and important this was for me, and that I needed their support. My dad and a cousin finished the program with me. ( I want them to know how proud I am of them,) in July 2013 was the time for our family vacation and i got to wear my bikini.:D and I decided to take my focusT25, this time I was determined to do it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I finished FocusT25 (weight 133lbs and size 3-5 🙂 ) I am on my third week of P90X :D. This is more than the number on the scale or the jeans size I wanted to be, having a fulfilling life, joyous health and to feel confident about myself is the real reward for me, getting my family to joined me and seeing them as happy as i am is just amazing, giving my kids the example of a great quality life and knowing they will pass it on is also a reward. for those who want to make the change, there is no excuse to not change your lifestyle, and get in the best shape of your life.

Maria Before and After

Congrats Maria!


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