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He Lost 40lbs and Went From Carrying Around Sympathy Weight To Becoming A Spartan BEAST!

 todd kemper spartan


Todd Kemper Shares EXACTLY What The Game Changer Was For Him!


(Video will not be LIVE until 9:30pm Eastern – Thursday, August 1st, 2013)

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Todd Kemper Results

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Swedsunny 1 Like

I just wonder how does he managed to change his TATOO from the one side to the other? u can do wonders with photoshop....but don't forget the details. lol


@Swedsunny what you are NOT seeing is the camera in his left hand of his before pic buddy...he is taking a pic in the mirror which is why his tat is on the other side.


Tell him to bootcamp it with windows and reset it back up :P

bears34 1 Like

I can't hear or see anything

AlexIrons 1 Like

So, are you going to come run in the South Carolina Beast in the 1st Inaugural "Run With the Coach" Spartan Race? Will be absolutely EPIC!!! Just kidding, kind and Jon have helped inspire numbers of us on here (as well as Todd, obviously) and it would be great to meet each of you and share in the experience...thanks for the inspiration!