Eric made some really tough choices and got his priorities aligned with his goals! He also didnt give up! On day-1, Eric couldnt even do the whole workout. The same went for day-2, 3 and so on…But he showed up…He pressed PLAY…and he did his best! THAT is what gets results!

I dont want to share his story for him – I will let him do that in a sec, but I do want to say how proud I am of Eric for committing to his health and fitness. Thats a big deal in a society where getting healthy goes against the grain…Congrats bud! Read his story below!

Eric Doga - P90X Results

Eric’s Story in His Own Words:

Before I started P90X I was a mess. Everyday I was stuck in the same bad routine. I never cared about the food I was putting in my body and consumed a lot of alcohol. I have worked in a bar for the past 5 years and was always around alcohol and parties. Most nights of the week I would drink beer at the end of the night after I got off and then ate horrible before going to sleep. The next day I would be hung-over and would just watch television and lay around until I went to work.I kept this cycle going for years and felt horrible about myself everyday with little to no energy. My back always hurt and I really didn’t do much exercise except for the occasional jogging on the treadmill.
What inspired me to make a change was by taking a deep look at the person I had become. I was not happy with myself in many ways. I hated looking at  myself in the mirror everyday. I depended on alcohol and food as an escape and I knew I needed to change fast or things would only get worse. Physically and mentally I was getting in worse shape as every day passed.
The greatest challenge I have to say was quitting drinking at the start of the program and learning to eat healthier. The first week of not having any alcohol after several years of drinking was very rough. I had to go into work everyday surrounded by alcohol and people drinking having a good time. I knew I had to be strong so I started carrying a water bottle or two everywhere I went and started getting in the habit of replacing alcohol with water. 
The nutrition part was very challenging for me. With so little knowledge about making healthy choices, it was very overwhelming trying to figure out what foods to buy and calculating my calories and protein, etc. I watched some youtube videos by Todd Warren, a beachbody coach. I learned what foods I could start with and also how to track everything I ate with myfitnesspal. I drank the recovery drink after every workout and started slowly getting my nutrition down.
Variety. I loved that p90X worked every part of your body. My ultimate goal was to get healthier and lose weight. Sure the workouts were hard and I didn’t keep up with Tony and everyone else on the videos at first. I knew it would take some time and eventually I got there. Another thing I liked is how well the program was made. Every day was different so I never got bored of the same workouts and it always kept my mind fresh. There is a mix of comedy in the workouts that had me laughing sometimes.
Day 1 of p90X I couldn’t do the whole video. The same was true for day 2, and 3 and so on. I ended up modifying some of the moves( especially in Plyo). It has been 180 days now and I can complete every workout all the way through. Going in to the program I weighed 234 lbs and my pants size was a 38. I now weigh 164 and my pants size is a 32. I have lost fat just about everywhere in my body and toned up a lot. As the months went on I was able to do more and more of the workouts. My friend had P90X Plus and the Combat program so I started introducing some of those workouts in to my schedule.  After about 4 months I started doing doubles. I would do cardioX 3 times a week before I did the weight workouts. I can go to the football track now and jog a couple of miles and run the bleachers a few times and still not be too exhausted. The achievements I’m most proud of are actually going through with the program, alcohol free for 181 days so far, and most importantly the confidence I have gained
I wake up everyday thankful to be here. I have learned to love myself and determined that this lifestyle change is here to stay. There will be no going back to the old me. I no longer have back pain and my overall health has improved. I am no longer on any medication. I am a happier person overall and I look forward to the future for once. I think about working out and living healthier everyday. I have replaced a lot of negative thoughts with positive ones and I am always looking to better myself now. I am confident in the person I am and will continue to keep pushing that play button.

One of the KEY factors in getting results like Eric did is having someone who has gone before you and gotten the results that you want. Then it becomes as simple as monkey see monkey do. If you want the same results as someone else…do what they did. It really is that simple!

Thats why I want you to make me your free coach right now. If you REALLY want the results…then lock arms with me and let me show you how to do it. You will get one-on-one support, motivation, tips, and advice from me (Coach Todd) personally! On top of that, you get the support of our entire RIPPEDCLUB crew! Lets make it happen!

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