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The British Phenom - Paul ROCKS P90X | RIPPEDCLUB

The British Phenom – Paul ROCKS P90X

Paul came to me a little over three months ago with a slew of questions. I knew in that moment that this guy was going to get crazy results! It the people who plan the best who always achieve their goals! Paul would ask questions like “do I weigh my chicken raw or cooked, what creatine should I use, how can I get Shakeology”. LOL, he covered it all. Paul thought he was annoying me, but as a coach, this is what I love to see; someone that is committed to understanding what its going to take to get absolutely RIPPED! And Paul did just that!!!


Paul - P90X Results

Here is Paul’s story in his own words:

My name is Paul Mcdonnell im from the U.k and I am an Electrician. I was always in pretty good shape but as I got older I slowly watched myself gain weight, at work it was hard as their was always a good English breakfast in sight. I was disgusted with the way I looked 2 years ago I was at 220lbs so I then decided to try and lose weight by eating right I lost around 42lbs but still wasn’t happy!

I have always been into lifting weights but never stuck at it would be motivated for 2 weeks and then would give up! I finally had enough and was truly ready to make a lifestyle change and commit myself to getting into shape.
I knew about P90x for quite some time but was to scared or maybe even lazy to commit as i thought I would just give up like always. Then I came across a video of Coach Todd on youtube and after reading all of his helpful information and utilizing the tools he had recommended, I was able to commit to not only the workouts, but the nutrition as well. After about a week of attempting the diet, I really began to dial in my nutrition using myfitnesspal I was hitting my percentages every day and was pushing myself as hard as I could go in the workouts.

I began seeing some great results. I was shedding fat and building muscle. My weights and reps were going up and I could feel some real strength gains. After hitting day 90 I had obtained my goal of seeing them abs I was so craving to see. I just got the mind set of it being a hour a day and once i knew the right things to eat it became second nature!

I am now at 155lbs and have 7% body fat. This is the best I have ever looked in my life and I owe it all to P90x and to Coach Todd.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let Paul know what you think or if you have any questions for him!

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hi Paul

I'm a new starter to p90x i also live in UK.  I would be interested in knowing where you got your supplements, recovery drinks etc as i cant find shakeology in UK.

I am putting it in in the workouts but i think i could be doing more in the nutrition department especially supplements, Coach Todd made a point of saying how organised you were any tips would be appreciated.

Cheers Andy


Paul mcdonnell
Paul mcdonnell

Thanks man I really appreciate that! P90x was the best thing I ever did and it's just got me wanting even more success now! I would love to submit my results to beach body I might just do that now lol. Thanks TK

Todd Kemper
Todd Kemper

Oh yeah, one more thing... hopefully you submit your results to Beachbody because I smell a success story cooking!

Todd Kemper
Todd Kemper

Paul, Nothing short of amazing results! You are absolutely one of the most dedicated P90Xers I've come across. You took full advantage of Coach Todd's advice and experience... and it paid off big time! Congratulations on your success. You truly deserve it!