Schanke Gets Shredded!

I cant say enough about one of RIPPEDCLUB’s finest: Matt Schanke. Matt Started his journey with P90X, got awesome results – then Matt joined our X3 BATTLE OF THE RIPPED Challenge and thats where his legacy was forged. Matt was there in the group posting everyday, keeping himself accountable, pushing himself to his limits, supporting the other members…and the results – well, you can check out his results below. I think they can speak volumes of his commitment!

I couldnt be more proud of Matt! And whats even cooler is that Matt has actually become a member of RIPPEDCLUB Coaches and is paying it forward by helping others reach their health and fitness goals. I cant think of a better way to pay it forward. Its such a blessing to have Matt on our team and an honor to be working with him personally!


Matt’s Story in His Own Words

Growing up, I was your typical “geek” kid. I was into tech stuff and video games, but I did have an active side too though. I took martial arts for 7 years, which kept me in pretty good shape. However, my junior year in high school, I had to make a decision on whether to pursue martial arts, or fully focus on college. I opted for college, and with that I started to “chunk up”. Once I got a tech job in my field, which was a desk job, physical activity pretty much ceased to exist.

Over the years, I got married, had kids, and purchased a house, all the while my weight increased. I knew I was getting big. I could feel it, but I never really “saw” my weight. I looked in the mirror and saw the same body I had when I started college. Then, one day, I was going through some old pictures and I was just floored. For some reason, at that moment, I finally saw my weight, and it all clicked. My lack of energy and motivation to play with my kids, to do daily tasks/projects that having a house requires, and my life structure in general. Here’s the one that really put “me” into perspective. I knew I needed to change for myself AND for my family.

TFD_Before_After_Results_1I told myself over and over again, “OK, I’m gonna do this. It’s Monday and I’m going to start eating right.” I did eat better, compared to my usual fast food lunches, but that streak of “better” eating didn’t last for long until I caved again. I tried different fitness programs too. I admit it, I tried Tae Bo. I couldn’t commit for nothing though.

Around that same time, I saw the P90X infomercial on TV, and it’s the only thing that reallypeaked my interest, so much that I decided to buy it. I’ve done other fitness programs and had gym memberships, but never stuck with it. I figured it’s time to try P90X. I liked the “extreme” aspect of it…and it sure was! In a 3 year period, I tried it about 5 times. I lost weight, about 50 lbs., but again, something was limiting me. I wasn’t getting those infomercial results! Turns out that something was myself.

I started googling P90X results, and came across a YouTube transformation video by Coach Todd. At that moment, I asked myself “uh, what are these coaches?” I didn’t even know coaches for Beachbody programs existed! Then it said FREE, and for anyone who knows me, I’m kinda “frugal”, so this really peaked my interest. And so my journey truly began. I joined his team, went back and forth with questions and advice, joined a challenge group and finally remained committed. I found out you have to focus more on nutrition than actually working out, and I found a system to do so too! Working out became the easy part!

All in all, with the help from a coach AND a team, I went from 250 lbs. to 167 lbs. and 6” off my waist and 10% body fat with P90X, one month of Insanity and full round of T25. This is my lifestyle now. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor, but I can say I know a heck of a lot more about fitness and nutrition now than I did before. I’m constantly learning everyday new things to pass on to whoever is interested in making a serious change.

I’m not done either. I started my own team, THE FIT DRIVEN after having success with P90X, Insanity, T25, and P90X3. Now, I’m here to inspire you to set goals, stay focused on your goals, and reach those goals.

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