P90X Nutrition Plan

p90x nutrition planI have found that the P90X Nutrition Plan that is found in the P90x Nutrition Guide that you get with the workout program is quite complicated. The only reason I can understand it now is because I have been following it for the past 2 years!

But what about those who are just starting P90X?

Its my firm belief (from the results of my team members here at RIPPEDCLUB) that the more simple something is…the more likely you are to have success. A lot of people just give up on the P90X nutrition plan all together because they find it too hard to follow.

…You dont have time to make the meals in the nutrition guide

…You dont know whether your dinner counts as 2 protein portions and 3 carb portions

…You dont understand what calorie intake you should be at

…You dont know when to switch to the next P90X nutrition phase

And what are the P90X nutrition phases anyway???

All of these are reasons that people do not follow the “P90X nutrition plan”. Its why you maybe have given up on it all together and just decided to eat “healthy”. But if you want extreme results, you have to eat with precision and you have to do it in a way that makes sense to you and in a way that doesnt take up all your time!


…Im all for simple! So lets take a look at how you can simplify the P90X nutrition plan down into terms that you and I can understand so that we have the best chance of sticking to this thing for some infomercial style results!

In fact…lets do it step-by-step!



Be sure not to skip any of these steps!!! Each one is vital to your success!

Step #1: Your Calorie Intake To MAINTAIN Your Current Weight


Step #2: Determine Your Calorie Deficit To Lose Weight


Step #3: Do NOT use the P90X Portion Plan!

…It leaves too much room for guesswork and you want to be precise for EXTREME results! That is why I recommend that once you have determined what your calorie intake will be in STEP #2, you want to break down that calorie intake into Macronutrients (proteins/carbs/fats).

The reason you want to break down your calorie intake into macronutrients is so you can track what you are eating based on how many grams of protein/carbs/fats you have.

Fat Shredder (Phase-1): 50% of your calorie intake will come from protein, 30% from carbs and 20% from fats –> 50/30/20

Energy Booster (Phase -2): 40% of your calorie intake will come from protein, 40% from carbs and 20% from fats –> 40/40/20

Endurance Maximizer (Phase-3): 30% of your calorie intake will come from protein, 50% from carbs and 20% from fats –> 30/50/20

Here is how to break down your calorie intake into “grams” and macronutrients so that you can EASILY track them!



Step #4: Track Your Nutrition using Myfitnesspal.com

Click Here for some additional P90X nutrition plan tips in an article I wrote that goes with this video


Step #5: Time To Go Shopping – P90X Shopping List


Step #6: P90X Nutrition Plan Round-1 MUST-DO’S


Step #7: Visit The Nutrition Zone For More Information & Answers!!!

P90X Nutrition Plan

I hope this resource has simplified the P90X Nutrition Plan for you! If you have any questions, dont hesitate to post them right below in the comments section and I will get back to you ASAP!

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Coach Todd


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