Calculating P90X Nutrition

Many of you know that the reason I became a coach was to help others develop a passion for health, fitness and life in general. As a coach, I have made it my personal mission to simplify nutrition for you so that YOU have the best chance at reaching your goals.  I recently posted a video on YouTube that show you how to calculate your daily food needs based on the P90X Nutrition Guide’s: Fat Shredder Phase. Below, you can watch the video, but I have also included below the video the calculations in text format so that you can write them down and GET STARTED on your path to RIPPED RESULTS!




1) Calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) –> RMR = Body Weight x 10 This is how many calories your body needs to breath, pump blood etc.

2) Calculate your Active Burn (AB) –> AB = RMR x 20% This is an average of how many calorie you burn doing normal activities like cooking, cleaning, walking.

3) Next, if you are working out, you need to factor your Exercise Burn (EB) –> EB = 600 calories This is an average P90X 1 hour workout caloric burn.

4) Calculate your daily Intake (I) to maintain your weight while doing P90X –> I = RMR + AB + EB

Now I am hoping you have watched the video first, because I do talk about some important factors to consider when deciding how many calories you will take in each day. To lose weight you will want to run a calorie defecit. I weighed 228lbs when I started P90X, so the calculation from above, to maintain that weight was 3300 calories. Its simple math from this point. If you want to lose weight, you take in less than your “(I) Intake” requirement that you just calculated. For me, 1900 calories worked great! I still had energy to do the workouts with full intensity and I never felt depleted throughout the day. You might need to play around with this number, but for the remainder of this, lets use My 1900 Calorie Diet as a go by.

So based on the Fat Shredder Phase, your daily calories should come from the following: 50% proteins / 30% carbs / 20% fats.

  • 1900 x 50% = 950 calories from protein
  • 1900 x 30% = 570 calories from carbs
  • 1900 x 20% = 380 calories from fats

Now for me its hard to determine what calories are coming from proteins, carbs and fats; so I convert these numbers into grams. Here is a table that shows how many calories are in 1g of protein/carbs/fats.

  • Protein –> 4 calories per 1g
  • Carbs –> 4 calories per 1g
  • Fats –> 9 calories per 1g

Now I can convert how many calories I need each day into how many grams of protein/carbs/fats I need each day. This is much more simple for me to keep track of since the “grams” are labeled on the nutrition facts of most foods.

  • Protein –> 950 calories ÷ 4 calories per 1g = 237g
  • Carbs –> 570 calories ÷ 4 calories per 1g = 142g
  • Fats –> 380 calories ÷ 9 calories per 1g = 42g

If you stick to these guidelines, your metabolism is going to go to war for you!!! One note that I did not include in the video though was that after being at 1900 calories for some time, my metabolism was getting faster and faster and I had to bump up my calories to 2300 per day so that I didnt feel depleted. Also, once your metabolism reaches a certain level, your body wants to conserve fat. Your brain is telling your body that you are losing too much fat, so it does everything it can to store fat for energy and you might see a plateau in your fat loss. Bump up the calories like I did and give your body more fuel to burn. Once I bumped it up to 2300 calories, the fat started comin off again. Pretty cool huh! Dont forget to check out my YouTube channel for more nutrition tips to get you RIPPED!

Keep BRINGIN IT RIPPEDCLUB, and inspire others to do the same!!!



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