Body Beast Plateau

One of the most frustrating things about any fitness program is putting in a crap ton of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears…and NOT seeing the results! I have been there and the frustration has made me want to pull Sagi through the screen and slap him in his Beast face. If you’re reading this Sagi…I got much love for you BEAST 🙂


The Solution To a Body Beast Plateau

So what can YOU do in the midst of thine circumvention? Simple…watch this video on how to bust through your Body Beast plateau and then email me at and let me know what your plan is! I give you 3 things in this video that you can try. All of them have worked for me in the past!


One of the funny things about your metabolism is that it doesnt naturally want to do what you want it to, so you have to find ways to fool it. Think of it this way: You know exactly what your metabolism is thinking…you can use that to your advantage. As you saw in the video, you can do that with any of the three things I suggested.

  • a re-feed day every 3-5 days where you jack up your carbs, keep your fats low, and your protein where it normally is on your fat shredder plan.
  • carb-cycling. This is something that was very effective for me personally and your high carb days…well those are friggin amazing, lol. I have a full write up on carb-cycling here.
  • try adjusting your macronutrient ratios in MyFitnesspal. I have an entire video where I explain how you can adjust your macros on the fly with the MFP app.

Like I said, be sure you email me or comment below and let me know which one of these methods you’re gunna give a shot. If any of these have worked to help you bust through YOUR plateau, post below and let us know so we can maybe get a consensus of which method works the best for everyone!

If you want to learn exactly how I lost 60lbs, broke through plateaus, what kinds of foods I eat, how I set up and track my nutrition…everything from A-Z for results…you need to enter your name and best email when you click the link below. Once you do that, I will send you 5 videos over 5 days explaining everything you need to know!

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