MyFitnessPal App How To

MyFitnessPal is an incredible tool that I have used for over 3 years now to help me stay on track with my goals. What makes these tool even more awesome is that the app makes it near impossible to come up with an excuse to NOT keep track of your food intake.

The video below is going to show you how to use the myfitnesspal app. The app can do a ton, but there are only a few key features that you actually need to use. You can track a ton of stuff like your exercise, how much water you’re drinking, your weight…all kinds of goodies. And none of it is useful – in my opinion at least. There are only a handful of locations you will be visiting in the app:

  • Food Diary
  • Goals Tab
  • Nutrition Tab
  • Pie Graph vs List View


How To Use The MyFitnessPal App: The Essentials


If you have any questions about the app or tracking your nutrition, I have a ton of info in the Nutrition Zone, and the Nutrition section here on my site. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, you can comment below in the comments section or email me at

I hope this info was helpful!
Coach Todd

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