Choosing The Right Macros

Choosing the right macros can be a little intimidating if you are just now getting familiar with all the fitness acronyms and concepts, by this video should clear some things up for you…

Specifically: What should you set your macros to for your goal?

Obviously the person who is looking to gain 10lbs of muscle in the next 90 days is NOT going to be operating at the same macros as the person who is trying to lose 30-40lbs.

So check out the video below and leave a comment in the comments section if you have any questions! You can also post pics in the comments section if you want me to take a look at your MyFitnessPal food diary or macro targets! I’d be happy to advise and direct!


Choosing The Right Macros


So as you can see, there are plenty of option out there that you can tailor to your EXACT goal! The key is finding what works best for you though.

Macro Options According To Your Goals

1.  50/30/20 – This macro ratio is for cutting or its referred to as the “fat shredder plan” in the P90X nutrition guides. This is to cut fat fast and it is NOT a permanent nutrition plan! I would recommend that you dont stay on fat shredder for more than 6 months. If you have a ton of weight to lose, you can switch to a different macro level, but remain at a calorie deficit.

2.  40/40/20This is a macro ratio that is in between fat shredding and maintenance. I used this during my round of Insanity and it worked well. I wanted the extra bit of carbs for energy since Insanity was such an intense cardio program. You can do this macro ratio on a maintenance intake, but if you are at 3000 calories for maintenance, then 300 grams of protein per day is pretty nuts and might be difficult.

3.  30/40/30 – This macronutrient ratio is MONEY! Its by far the most balanced and in my opinion, the easiest ratio to actually hit your targets daily. A lot of people have trouble finding ways to get in a lot of protein. With this macro ratio from the P90X3 nutrition plan, you also get the added support of the carbs and fats to help build more muscle. This is especially important when eating at a calorie deficit so that your body doesnt go into a catabolic mode and start feeding on muscle mass for energy.

4.  20/50/30 – These macros are specifically for a person who is either bulking or has an incredibly intense training regimen that last for hours per day. The carbs and fats are perfect for building muscle and keeping energy levels high!


WARNING!! If Its Not Working

I get a ton of people telling me that they are not seeing the results they want and they end up asking me…

Should I change my macros?

Its a good question, but one thing that you have to realize with any weightloss or fitness endeavor, is that its a journey. If you want to get to where you want to be, you have to follow a plan and adjust as needed. But you also have to give time for that plan to work!

I recommend when choosing a macro ratio/calorie intake, that you stick to the plan for at least 2-3 weeks before making any adjustments. And the key indicator that would trigger a change would be – NO CHANGE in results. For ladies, this could take up to 6-8 weeks to see change. I know its frustrating, but thats the way God created you 🙂 Its also important that when measuring your progress that you ensure you are actually sticking to your plan! You cant be eatin pizza 3 times per week and take measurements on week 3 and wonder why you havent seen change! You gotta do the work!

Again, if you have questions…Post below in the comments and I would be happy to help you out!

Now its time to BRING IT & inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd


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