Week-1 No Carb Day

What surprised me the most about my first no carb day was that I still had plenty of energy to perform my P90X3 Agility-X workout.

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Had a pretty hectic day: Woke up an hour late…no time to plan nutrition. Wife brought me my veggies at work. Thankfully she made some serious burgers of which I had 16oz of lean beef which helped my protein and fat intake. The bacon and cheese helped as well. I would not recommend meeting your fat intake with bacon and cheese, but it was only 1 day.



Macros for my no carb day were 55p, 5c, 40f. Set it all up in myfitnesspal and tracked. Ended up being under on fats by 1g, hit my protein intake and went over by 5g, and only took in 17g of my 24g carb limit. Success in my opinion!

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