Should I Enter Workouts Into MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal has a ton of capabilities! If you get the pro version of the app, I think it wipes your butt for you while calculating how many calories you burned up droppin the kids off at the pool…

But in all seriousness, the MyFitnessPal app has an incredible amount of capabilities and one of those capabilities is logging your workouts. I had a team member email me and tell me

“Dude! I just entered my P90X Chest & Back workout into MFP and I have like 500 more calories to eat today!”

And then I was like, “Dude! No you dont!”

So therein lies the question…Should I enter workouts into MyFitnesspal?


This question is actually a really great questions ESPECIALLY if your doing a Beachbody fitness program like P90X, X3, Body Beast, Max 30, or T25…And the reason its a great questions is because for the person doing these workouts, your caloric burn during your workouts is already figured into your caloric needs that are defined by the nutrition guide that is associated with the program you’re using! So you do NOT have to enter your workouts into MyFitnessPal.

For the person who just wants to achieve a certain calorie deficit each day; you’re going to have to determine what your maintenance calorie intake is, and then vary your intake dependent upon how many calories you burn in your workout. And myfitnesspal is the perfect tool for that!

I hope this video helped you out! If it did…holla atcha boi and click dem share buttons! I love you, I appreciate you, and you’re a classy son of a gun!

Coach Todd

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