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With the hundreds upon thousands of supplements on the market, it can be quite the task choosing your supplements wisely and it can also be very intimidating if you are just starting out. What do you need? what can you do without? What is the best bang for your buck? All valid questions that I will address in this post where I give you my opinion on the best P90X supplements.

I have been doing Beachbody workouts now for almost 2 years with a lot of success. Over time I have had the opportunity to try many different supplement brands and types. I have now found what I consider  to be the best P90X supplements to maximize my own results. Now obviously, everyone has their own opinions, but this is my website and I can write whatever I want, lol. So lets first take a look at what you NEED.


What Do I Need? – P90X Supplements


#1 Whey Protein – P90X Supplements

You are going to want a good whey protein. The reason being is that when you are on the fat shredder phase of the nutrition plan, it can be very difficult to take in 240g per day of protein. What whey allows you to do is supplement that protein that you would normally get from meats and dairy, in a convenient shake that will deliver up to 30g of fast absorbing protein in a single scoop.

Whey protein is also essential for recovery. I make a 1 scoop shake 30 minutes prior to my workout so that those fast absorbing essential amino acids go right to work repairing torn muscle fibers before I even complete my workout. A lot of people think you need tons of protein after a workout, but that just isnt true. You need fast absorbing carbs predominately, and a little bit of protein that also absorbs quickly.

What Protein Whey Do I Buy?

I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey. They also have a Gold Standard Natural Whey that I prefer since it includes no artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. Bar none, the best place to buy is Bodybuilding.com! Awesome prices, crazy fast shipping, and they always have awesome promotions whey you can get additional supplements at a serious discount!


#2 Recovery Drink – P90X Supplements

A good recovery drink is essential for maximizing your results! A lot of folks see all the carbs and sugar in these drinks and think it will hurt their results. The complete opposite is true though. When your muscles are able to recovery properly and completely, then you are able to push harder in your next workout. And the harder you are able to push, the better your results will be. The fact that a recovery drink seriously reduces soreness is reason enough for me to take it!

What Recovery Drink Do I Buy?

When it comes to P90X supplements, the P90X Recovery Drink is bar far my #1 choice of recovery drinks. There is lots of other good products out there, but this one has everything your body needs for recovery: The perfect carb to protein ratio of 4:1, simple sugars in the form of dextrose that absorb quickly and promote protein synthesis, fast absorbing protein, creatine, and glutamine. Oh and it tastes bomb too!!!

There are plenty of P90X Recovery Formula alternatives out there, but for the price and what you get in the way of quality and convenience, you cant beat the Recovery Formula.

You can get your Recovery Drink right here on my site under the “Supplements” tab.


#3 Creatine – P90X Supplements

Muscle burns fat….simple. The more lean muscle mass you can add during your fitness journey, the more fat you are going to burn. That is why I think creatine is a must for one of your P90X supplements. Studies show that supplementing creatine can significantly increase lean muscle mass. Now there are tons of concerns out there about what creatine can do to your liver and kidneys, but the fact is that supplements have really advanced over the last 15 years and creatines like “creapure” are some of the most pure, natural forms of creatine and are in no way harmful to your body. Just follow the manufacturer guidlines for use and you will be fine.

What Creatine Should I Buy?

100% bar far the most effective, inexpensive creatine that I have used (and am still using) as part of my P90X supplements is MusclePharm Creatine. I have seen size gains, vascularity increase with the added muscle, strength gains, and increased stamina during workouts.

On top of all the measurable results that I have gotten using this product, the price is friggin right! And an additional bonus is that this product uses creapure, which I spoke about briefly, so the quality is very high.

I get this product from Bodybuilding.com as well. They usually promote this product as a “buy 2 get one free” deal. So your cost per serving goes down significantly!


#4 Shakeology – P90X Supplements

You can do all kinds of workouts and take all kinds of supplements, but if your body is not in an optimal state to receive all those nutrients, then they arent going to do you any good. Thats where Shakeology comes in! Shakeology has over 70 whole food ingredients, along with pre and pro-biotics, and digestive enzymes so that your body can process what you give it with 100% efficiency.

I have been drinking Shakeology for a year now and if I was only allowed one single supplement in my regimen of P90X supplements , this is where I would invest my resources! It has everything your body needs to perform, recovery, sustain, and heal itself. It has taken me from 27% body fat, down to 5%. I have only been sick one single time since I began drinking Shakeology. And on top of these results, I FEEL like a million bucks!

Here is what Julia, a kick-butt member of RIPPEDCLUB said about it, “I’ll never go without it again! It sets the pace for the whole day.” And there are countless other testimonies from RIPPEDCLUB members along with thousands of others that agree.

You can also purchase Shakeology right here on my site by clicking the “Shakeology” tab.


What Can I Do Without? – P90X Supplements

Some of the nice supplements that you could add to your P90X supplements list, but dont necessarily need are more of a nicety than “must haves”. I will tell you that I do use these myself, but obviously – everyone has a different budget and I wanted to show you where I would spend my money FIRST before considering these next few supplements.


#1 Pre Workout – P90X Supplements

Pre workouts are great! They give you that kick of energy to really BRING IT and do your best. Some also include Argenine, which is a nitric oxide booster which increases the blood flow to your muscles (also known as a “pump”). This pump allows you to complete a few more reps than you normally would have since you dont feel that acidic burn during those last few reps. The biggest factory is energy though. If you workout in the mornings and have a really hard time getting going, then you might consider a little boost from a pre workout supplement.

From my experience, Optimum Nutrition’s AmiNO Energy is a phenomenal product as far as what it delivers in the way of results, but the only downside for me is the artificial sweeteners. I also use Beachbody’s new pre workout called Energy & Endurance which give me a huge energy boost, but doesnt give me as much of a pump as the AmiNO does. On the plus side though, E&E has no artificial sweeteners which is right up my alley.

Both are priced very reasonably. I buy the AmiNO from Bodybuilding.com, and I buy E&E through Beachbody of course and you can do so as well in the “Supplements” tab.


#2 Casein Protein – P90X Supplements

This is something that you might want to consider when maintaining or trying to gain weight. The purpose of casein whey is to take it right before bed so that your muscles can feed of of the slow absorbing casein while you sleep, rather than using muslce for energy. When your body fat gets super low, your body will search for energy wherever it can get it and this help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue.

What Casein Whey Should I Buy?

Again, Optimum Nutrition has a great casein whey that also comes in their “natural” option with no artificial sweeteners. I am currently using BSN: Lean Dessert Whey which tastes amazing, but it does use artificial sweeteners. I know I know…But it was highly rated and I wanted to see what it would do for me while I am maintaining my weight.


Like I said before, these product suggestions for P90X supplements that I have made are based on my own experience through the use of all of these supplements. I have used many others, but these are what have maximized my results and allowed me to get past the plateaus and into the best shape that I have ever been in. If this information was helpful, do me a favor and share it on facebook or twitter as it helps me to grow RIPPEDCLUB and change more lives!!! I appreciate it!

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