My Ultimate Reset Day-1

Ultimate ResetHey RIPPEDCLUB!

Hopefully everyone survived Halloween without completely demolishing your nutrition, lol. My kids were pretty much in a sugar coma the next day, but they can probably burn off the calories in about 10 seconds….they have my wife’s metabolism.

I wanted to keep you guys updated on my journey back into optimal health after falling of the wagon there for a while. I learned a lot about what I need fitness wise in order to stay focused nutritionally and motivated constantly, so it was actually a good thing. And its good to fail once in a while…makes me realize I am human and that success takes hard work. If I want to enjoy the benefits of peak health and performance, then I have to work like someone who is in peak health and performance condition.


So today is Day-1 of my Ultimate Reset journey. This is going to take some serious getting used to though. This morning for breakfast I had 2 eggs, 2 pieces of organic wheat toast with some kale….along with my Reset supplements of course. My wife is baffled at how you can get away with eating so little, but what her (and most Americans) don’t understand is that when you are eating food that is nutritionally dense…you don’t need as much of it to sustain a healthy lifestyle. And of course this is a cleanse so I will be taking in a calorie deficit.

I weighed in this morning at 189 and if I can lose 10lbs after 21 days, I will be very pleased. I think my optimal weight is around 170-175, but I did put on some muscle during Body Beast, so that might have gone up some. I will take body fat measurements in the morning tomorrow.

That’s it for now, I just wanted to keep you guys posted on my progress and let you know that despite me falling off the wagon, I am back on it and committed to being the best possible example for RIPPEDCLUB and for my family of course!

If you have any questions about the Ultimate Reset or what its all about, you can visit

I would really encourage anyone who has been struggling to get back on track on even start their journey to give the Ultimate Reset a try. I will be posting my results here in 21 days, but I can tell you that everything I have seen and heard about the Reset cleanse has been phenomenal!

Let me know if you would like to get started and I can guide you through it as I experience it first hand!

Take care gang!

I would love to hear from all of you, so dont hesitate to post your thoughts or comments below AND like this page if you are rooting for me, lol.

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