How To Get Rid Of Halloween Candy

day-after-halloween1The title of this blog post has a very simple solution…If you want to know how to get rid of Halloween candy without upsetting the kiddos or your waistline for the next 3 weeks? EAT IT!

Totally kidding there, but I do want to share a few fun ways that you can get that nasty stuff out of your house quick AND still be one of the coolest moms and dads on the block. For me…sweets are my Achilles heel and if that stuff is in the house – its getting eaten! And I am not one to graze. When I eat, I put my heart and soul into it and I go all out! If there were a glorious little stack of fun size Snickers bars on the counter…if the kids weren’t looking, they’d be gone with nothing left buy a pile of wrappers in about 2 minutes – meanwhile I am trying to justify my actions with Snickers’ motto, “I was hungry and they said WHY WAIT!”

So finally, here is what you can do to get those devilish little temptations outta the house and outta mind, so you dont have to worry about completely obliterating all the progress you have made in developing healthier habits!


How Cool People Get Rid Of Halloween Candy


#1 Let the kids BINGE for one night only

This is actually what my wife and I have done with our kids ever since they were old enough to walk up to a perfect strangers house and expect them to hand out candy, lol.

We let the kids eat as MUCH candy as they can on Halloween night only! Whatever they dont eat on Halloween, get tossed in the trash that night! They feel like garbage and never want to eat candy ever again, and we dont have to worry about them asking for it after dinner for the next 3 weeks! Not to mention…I am not sneaking into their closets to take out all the good stuff for myself 🙂

Some parents are screaming, CAVITIES CAVITIES – but this little tippy tip is actually supported by your local dentist! Instead of coating you and your kids’ teeth with sugar every day for the next month, you let em have at it for ONE NIGHT…And thats it! You’re happy…the kids hate candy for a while…you’re the coolest mom and dad ever for letting them eat all they want…your dentist is happy. Nobody loses, everyone wins!


#2 Teach Your Kids To Give

candy2Look for ways to have fun giving the candy your kids accumulate away. Not without your kids knowing it, but make them a part of that giving.

I have heard some great ideas in the past about how some families have sent their Halloween candy overseas to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Look for ways that you and your family can bring a smile to someone else’s day with that candy.

I know a lot of people are saying, “well if candy is so unhealhty, why would you give it to other people to make them unhealthy???” You’re right, candy is not healthy when you eat it every single day, but in moderation there isnt too much harm. In fact, done sporadically – it can actually shock your body and promote change (in a good way, like fat loss!). Now thats not your ticket to Reses Pieces paradise…its just a little fun fact. All things in moderation right?


#3 Trade Your Kids OTHER Commodities For Candy

This is a worth while investment! It could be money (10 cents per candy bar, 5 cents per hard candy, etc…), it could be minutes spent on the ipad, trade all the candy for a trip to the movies.

Get creative with this one and find out what your kids want more than candy and play the LETS MAKE A DEAL game with em, lol.


All This GETS YOU To Where You Want To Be!

All of these things are tips that you can use to get to where YOU want to be. If you know you struggle when temptation shows its ugly face…get rid of the temptation. But you dont have to be the wicked witch in your house…you can find ways to make getting rid of candy fun and exciting for your kids. If you bought Halloween candy for yourself, thats another issue 🙂 Hopefully you will have the chance to try out one or more of these ways to get rid of your Halloween candy, and as a result – you stay on course with your health and fitness goals. BOOM!

Or could just do this…


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