Beachbody Workout Modifications

One thing I love about Beachbody workouts is that they always provide an opportunity for anyone in any physical condition to do the workouts. The only requirement being that you have to check your excuses at the door and humble yourself and not hold yourself to the standard of the cast members in the videos. This is where modifying your Beachbody workout in order to reach your goals comes in handy.



Beachbody Workout Modifications

how to modify pullups with p90xLike I said – Beachbody does a great job of making sure that everybody has an opportunity to succeed with their workouts, and they do this by showing a modified version of each move. In body beast you got the guy without a bench – instead he’s using a stability ball. In p90x3 you got a person without dumbbells – instead they’re using resistance bands. So there’s no shortage of opportunity to succeed it’s just determined by your budget and what you’re willing to do in order to reach your goal…so let’s cover a few options.



I mentioned it previously but dumbbells are a common piece of equipment required in Beachbody workouts. If you can’t afford a set of adjustable dumbbells or a full set of dumbbells, then your best option is probably to pick up a set of resistance bands. I have a video explaining which is better and what results you can expect, which you can watch here. None the less resistance bands are a great alternative to dumbbells.

modifying your exercise equipmentIn all the p90x workouts, a pull-up bar is used. Again, you can substitute a resistance band with an anchor point to the top of a doorway. And if you don’t have doors in your house then I honestly don’t know what to tell you, lol…strap the harness to the ceiling.
In p90x2 you have a lot more equipment than any other program Beachbody offers. A lot of people can afford for waited medicine balls. A great alternative would be to head on down to Walmart and pick up for basketballs for a few dollars each.



There are certain moves in Beachbody workouts that don’t require equipment though, and there’s a lot of factors that play into the need to modify any given move. So my advice is to do exactly what Tony Horton says – do your best and forget the rest. If you have an injury that prevents you from doing a certain move modify the move so that it still intense but at the sammodifying body beast workoute time not increasing your pain levels due to a previous injury. If you’re physically unable to do a move because you’re too overweight then choose another move that you can still do with intensity and keep your heart rate up. Turns out Tony Horton knew what he was talking about when he said do your best and forget the rest.

Another thing people don’t really consider is just pressing the pause button on the video. For some reason people somehow think they failed if they’re hitting the pause button but even the trainer say that it’s okay to take breaks. Just be realistic and be honest with yourself while still doing your best. Don’t hit the pause button to go get a doughnut…simple.



modify your attitudeSometimes you just need to modify your attitude in order to reach your goals. Stop beating yourself up about not keeping up with the people in the videos. Stop getting down on yourself for having to press the pause button. Start looking at things from a different perspective. Consider that every single time you make a decision to press play, you’re making the decision to better yourself and bring you one step closer toward your goal. That’s a friggin victory!!!

I hope these tips on modifying your workouts for success were helpful. If any of this information was valuable, be a team player and hit the share button. You found this info and there’s a ton of people out there that need it to.


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Push play, modify, do your best and forget the rest,
Coach Todd

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