P90X Chest Exercises

p90x chest exercises

When you think about a chest workout that absolutely blasts your pecs, you are normally going to envision a good old bench press, dumbbell variations, flys, incline, decline, cables…all that stuff you see in the muscle mags. But the P90X chest exercises use what is known as calisthenics.

Here is how wikipedia would define the P90X chest exercises:

Calisthenics: Calisthenics are a form of exercise consisting of a variety of exercises, often rhythmical, movements, generally without using equipment or apparatus. They are intended to increase body strength and flexibility with movements such as bending, jumping, swinging, twisting or kicking, using only one’s body weight for resistance


What Moves Do P90X Chest Exercises Include?

Since there are many exercises that target multiple muscle groups in the P90X exercises, I will focus on the chest exercises included in the workouts that are clearly focused on building your chest muscles.


P90X Chest Exercises – P90X CHEST & BACK

  • Standard Push-ups
  • Military Push-ups
  • Wide Fly Push-ups
  • Decline Push-ups
  • Diamond Push-ups
  • Dive Bomber Push-ups

P90X Chest Exercises – P90X CORE SYNERGISTICS

  • Stacked Foot/Staggered Hand Push-ups
  • Sphinx Push-ups
  • Prison Cell Push-ups
  • Plank to Chaturanga Run
  • Walking Push-ups
  • Reach High & Under Push-ups
  • Plank to Chaturanga Iso

P90X Chest Exercises – P90X CHEST, SHOULDERS, & TRICEPS

  • Slow Motion 3-in-1 Push-ups
  • Plange Push-ups
  • Floor Flys
  • Two-Twitch Speed Push-ups
  • Side-to-Side Push-ups
  • One-Arms Push-ups
  • Clap or Plyo Push-ups
  • One-Arm Balance Push-ups


What Equipment Do I Need?

2441-BB-TBB_PowerStands_Image_350x350You actually wont need any equipment at all if you dont want to use it or dont have the budget for it. All of the P90X chest exercises are done using your own bodyweight. The one piece of equipment that I do recommend are the Tony Horton Powerstands. These work wonders if you have wrist issues since it focuses the compression force of the push-ups into your arm, rather than putting strain on your wrist.

Not to mention you have  a greater range of motion with the Powerstands as well. You can pick up the Powerstands HERE!


P90X Chest Exercises – Are They Difficult?

This is actually a question I get a lot concerning all of the P90X exercises which I address in my article called “Is P90X Hard?“. It really is not a matter of difficulty though…its more challenging than it is difficult.

I guess the short answer would be, YES…the “P90X chest exercises” are difficult and they are suppose to be. In order to make any sort of strength gains you first have to tear down the muscle fiber and with proper recovery nutrition and rest, that muscle will come back stronger the next time. What is great about P90X though is that you can modify the moves to suit your ability…just be sure you dont sell yourself short and drop to your knees when doing push-ups when you know you can do the standard version! You gotta get out of your head and like Tony says, “Do your best and forget the rest”.

I STILL have trouble with some of the moves even after getting fit more than 2.5 years ago. I cannot do the one-arm push-ups. I have an old shoulder injury from playing a pick-up game of flag football that gets aggravated unless I drop to my knees. The important thing is that I still challenge myself!

I will go ahead and repeat that to end this post 🙂

The important thing is that I still challenge myself!

Therefore go ye and do likewise and inspire your brethren to do the same! (thats my King James Version of an encouragement, lol)


Coach Todd

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