P90X3 Equipment

One of the things that a lot of us are always concerned about when we buy an at-home fitness program like P90X3, is this…

“What else do I have to buy?”

LOL, so thats exactly why we are going to take a look at what’s required and what we can do without when it comes to P90X3 equipment. Who is up for getting awesome results and saving a buck?

P90X3 Equipment



Required P90X3 Equipment – The Bare Minimums

These P90X3 equipment choices are going to be what is required to even participate in the workouts. Without these…you just cant do most of it.

  1. Dumbbells or Resistance Bands – For men you will need the option of 10-40 pounds of resistance. Whether that comes from a set of standard dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, or a set of high tension resistance bands…it doesnt matter – you need 40+lbs. For women, you gals will want 25 or more pounds of resistance.
  2. A Way To Do Pull-ups – You can accomplish this either using a bar that fits in any doorway, a pull-up tower, or a door attachment for your resistance bands.

What do you use, Coach Todd?

I have a set of adjustable dumbbells that go from 5-55lbs. The brand is LifeSmart and I got them for $175 from academy.com. Super great value and they have held up very well for the last 2 years of torture I have put them through!

I also use the P90X Chin-up Bar. Fits right in my doorway…it can hold a crap ton of weight…and its the most durable piece of equipment I own! And if you want the BEST results from the pull-up exercises in X3 – you will want a bar rather than bands.


Optional P90X3 Equipment – You Dont “NEED” This Stuff

This list of “P90X3 equipment” items are what I would call “non-essential” – meaning that you can still get great results without this stuff.

  1. Powerstands – Tony Hortons signature push-up stands. They are awesome if you have wrist issues but you can just as easily use a set of dumbbells while doing push-ups to take the tension off of your wrists.
  2. Yoga Mat – While this is nice…many people are doing these workouts in their living room where there is nice soft carpet.
  3. Pull-up Assist – Beachbody has a pull-up assist band that attaches to your pull-up bar. It straps around your foot and can adjust the amount of resistance on the actual move. I just use a step ladder or chair to put my foot on when I need assistance getting up over the bar. Simple!

Yes I want to try P90X3
So what would YOU recommend that I get, Coach Todd?


P90X3 Equipment For THE BEST Results

Here is a list of X3 equipment items that I use personally and that I think you should have in order to get the best possible results with P90X3.

lifesmart dumbbellsDumbbells – Here are some of the advantages that I see over bands:

  • You can nominally monitor strength gains and know when you need to bump up your intensity to continue making strength gains.
  • Balance – with dumbbells you can lift the same weight in each hand while with resistance bands you can inadvertently have more tension on one side vs the other.
  • Greater muscle recruitment – More of the smaller supporting muscles are used with dumbbells and result in a more complete physique.

Chin-up Bar – For many of the same reasons as I recommend dumbbells over resistance bands, a pull-up bar offers more advantages in:

  • The ability to monitor strength gains through repetitions
  • Wider variety of pull-ups are possible
  •  More tension using your own body weight

PowerStandsPowerstands – About mid way through my second round of P90X, my wrists started to act up during push-ups…Dont know why, it just happened.

The Tony Horton Signature Powerstands are friggin awesome! They take the pressure off your wrists and get them in a more stable position. Also, you have deeper range of motion. Highly recommend these!

Yoga Mat – I use this for exercises where I am on my butt. NOw that I dont have all that junk in the trunk, I dont have any cushion, lol. This takes the pressure off my tail bone and lets me do the move without pain.

Obviously you can get by with very little P90X3 equipment and still get incredible results. Its a matter of making the exercises challenging with what you have available to you. I have suggested the P90X3 equipment that I think will help you get the best results, but I have also shared what you can do without if you are on a budget. Either way…the results are up to you!

Time to BRING IT!

Coach Todd

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