Adidas Climacool Review

We are starting to see more and more of the light-weight split-sole running shoes on the market. The light weight aspect is what really intrigued me though. With workouts like P90X – Plyo and all of The Asylum workouts, I wanted something that didnt weigh me down like my old cross trainers did.

First off, let me show you what I got: Adidas Climacool Mens Running Shoe – Black/Yellow

Performance: Weight is no issue with these shoes. You might as well be wearing nothing because thats what it feels like. Its almost like the shoes are part of your feet, unlike my cross trainers which were bulky and made me feel like a klutz. The real test for these shoes was P90X Plyometrics. My one worry was that because of the lack of lateral support that a cross trainer provides, I would be rolling my ankles left and right. To my surprise this was not the case at all! In fact I felt even more stable than I did on my cross trainers. One of the cool designs that has been integrated into this shoe is a split sole. This allows you entire foot print to take a more natural approach to impact, rather than the sole of the shoe controlling it. Its feels a lot more natural when landing during a high impact move like jump knee tucks. You feel like you have more control which results in greater stability! Another aspect that really surprised me was how much the shoes allow your feet to breath. Its not called Climacool for no reason. If you hold the shoes up to the light, you can actually see through the material. My feet stay super dry through the entire workout. I give these a 9.5 out of 10 on performance!

Quality: Although I havent had the shoes long enough to see whether they can stand the test of time with P90X and Asylum workouts everyday; they seem to be of a high quality construction. Made with a strong lightweight mesh and a patented sole technology called AdiWear and AdiPrene that provide what they say as “superior shock absorption and energy rebound technology for greater durability and prevention from wear and tear”. I give these an 8 out of 10 for quality, but that number might go up as I am able to put these through the ringer for a few rounds of P90X and P90X2!

Value: I bought these for $79.99 at Foot Locker, but I have seen them in other color options for $49.99 on I was willing to pay the premium for the black/yellow combo since it matched my Insanity Asylum roots, lol. But for $49.99 these shoes are a steal for what you are getting! If you can get these for that price, I wouldnt pass it up! For value, I give the Climacool’s a 9 out of 10.

So if you are in the market for some new kicks, I hope this article can be of some assistance when making your choice. As for me recommending these for use with P90X/Insanity, I would highly recommend them! Again, superior breathability,light weight, price is right, your landings feel more natural which increases your stability. These were a good find!

What shoes work best for your P90X/Insanity workouts?

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