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My Asylum Fit Test: Day-1 | RIPPEDCLUB

My Asylum Fit Test: Day-1

As many of you know I have began a 30-day challenge with Insanity: The Asylum. My reasoning for doing this was that I was sort of losing motivation during P90X (yes yes, even coach Todd can lose motivation) so I thought that a new program might spice things up and get me charged again! Well it worked! I am so amped to do this for 30 days! I have taken the day-1 Fit Test and cant wait to see what my body looks like and is capable of by day-30.

Here is the thing gang. We can all lose motivation sometimes and we need to find something that can get us back in the game, get us fired up back up and get us pressin play everday! If that means you need to switch workout programs like I did for a short time…perfect! You heard Tony, “variety is the spice of life”. The best part about my 30 day journey with The Asylum isnt just the results, its that I know I am going to be pumped to jump back into my last 5 weeks of my round-3 P90X journey. Its all about staying motivated guys! Do whatever it takes!

The Asylum: My initial thoughts

This program is not for someone who is out of shape. The Asylum is definitely extreme to a whole other level. This program is heavily geared toward HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Your heart rate is racing the entire time and the cool part is that you are still incorporating strength moves like push-ups and pull-ups, just not with the same focus on those muscle groups as P90X does. This is definitely going to push me hard and I look forward to the results and sharing my final #’s with you! Be sure and stay tuned or try out The Asylum for yourself!!! Click Here if you want to give it a go for 30 days!!!

My Day-1 Fit Test Results

See what you are in for here in my Fit Test Video

I hope you guys will give the Asylum a run and DIG DEEPER than you ever thought possible. This program is definitely RIPPEDCLUB worthy!!!

Have you done The Asylum before? What are your thought on this program?

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