3-Day Refresh Review

3-day-refresh-reviewA lot of you guys have tried the Shakeology 3-day Cleanse that has been around for quite some time. It was a pretty simple plan…You drink shakeology for breakfast with a piece of fruit, green tea a few hours later, then shakeology for lunch, shakeology for another snack, and then 6oz of lean white meat with veggies and healthy oil fats. All the while you drink a ton of water to help flush toxins.

…It worked GREAT! I had a ton of people (including myself) see some pretty great results from it. I lost 4lbs I think when I tried it the first time. The thing is though, actually doing the 3-day cleanse was an absolute nightmare! For my wife and I, we were both rediculous hungry all day long, headaches, we put on our grumpy pants most the time because we just wanted some food to CHEW! So ya the results were great, but the process was grueling!

Fast forward a few years later and you have the CEO of Beachbody seeing people do this 3-Day cleanse and the market for something people could do in a VERY short amount of time to combat a not so healthy weekend eating frenzy, or to kick off a weight loss journey with huge momentum out of the gates. So he mentioned it to his wife who happens to be one of the co-creators of shakeology…she HATED IT! Check out this video on why!


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My 3-Day Refresh Review – The Good & Bad

When you are doing a cleanse there is usually a ton of stuff that you have to sacrifice in order to see some sort of results. I have seen cleanses where you only drinking lemon water and eating cucumber or something. I have seen ones where you just plain starve or you are taking some sort of supplement that has you on the toilet 20 times a day… I can safely say that the 3-Day Refresh did not have any of those common cleanse cliches that we often see when looking to drop a few quick pounds.

So to really address my expereince with the 3-Day Refresh Kit, I want to break it down into a few categories:

  1. Satiety – How satisfying were the combination of supplements and food
  2. Taste – Did the 3-Day Refresh sacrifice flavor for health in the food choices and supplements
  3. Structure – Can you go about your daily activities without feeling thrown off by the Refresh
  4. Effectiveness – Did the dang thing work

So I am going to stop all this formal winny-ninny (new word just invented there – the best part is you know what I mean, lol) and let get into my experience with the 3-Day Refresh cleanse


Satiety – How satisfying were the combination of supplements and food?

order the 3 day fresh kitWhat was so incredibly surprising was how full I stayed throughout the day with the Refresh. One of the main reasons I attribute this to in comparison to the regular old shakeology 3-day cleanse, is that with the refresh you have a much higher fat intake. This fat is coming from incredibly healthy sources like hummas, avocado, almond butter, etc…these are great for energy and are perfect for curbing cravings. Remember, fats have 9 calories per gram so they pack a lot of energy in just a small amount of food! Another reason I didnt feel hungry all day long was the fact that my carbohydrate and protein intake were elevated with the Vanilla Refresh supplement. All around you are taking in more VOLUME of dense foods than you would with some stereotypical 3-day cleanse. You are also drinking 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. This also helps to not only help clear toxins from your system, but it helps with hunger too. I give the Refresh a 9/10 on Satiety Levels!


Taste – Did the 3-Day Refresh sacrifice flavor for health in the food choices and supplements?

I will touch on the food lists first. All of the foods are natural of course, but there are soooo many options for fruits, veggies, and fats – that you really can find anything to fit your taste! With my meals that called for veggies and a healthy fat, I chose baby carrots or bell pepper. For my fruits I did apple or banana. And for fats I did roasted red pepper hummus or almond butter which was friggin amazing!

As for the supplements – I expected them to be not so delish…But I was totally off! What I loved doing was blending up my fruit option with my morning shakeology or the Vanilla Refresh supplement. The Vanilla Refresh is sweetened naturally with stevia and is delicious all on its own too. Then there is the Fiber Sweep supplement. This seriously looks like dirt when it comes out of the package and its a little gritty, but it has some sort of lemon flavor to it that tastes like fruit loops cereal to me, lol. One note though: be sure you shake up the Fiber Sweep IMMEDIATELY because it has chia seed and flax in it, and when you add it to water it begins to coagulate and get chunky. So shake quick! I give the food & supplements a 8.5/10 for taste


Structure – Can you go about your daily activities without feeling thrown off by the Refresh?

This is what I really like about the structure of the 3-Day Refresh! You are eating every 2.3-3 hours which is what I normally do anyway, so your blood sugar levels are kept stable and you avoid cravings. In addition you are eating normal food and super simple/quick supplements to prepare. I loved that I didnt have to change anything about my meal schedule. The only “downfall” I guess would be having to have a shaker cup on hand to mix up the Fiber Sweep and Vanilla Refresh. So I give the 3-Day Refresh structure a 9.5/10


Effectiveness – Did the dang thing work?

It worked just as I expected! I ended up losing 4lbs over the course of the 3 days! The pics I got are not very good quality, but here they are. I give the Refresh Kit a 10/10 for results as it performed exactly as I expected

3-Day Refresh Results


Does The 3-Day Refresh Cleanse get my approval?

Abso-friggin-lutely! The fact that you can do in 3 days what most people would kill for in 30 and you can do it with healthy portions of food nutritionally dense supplements blows my mind. Your not hungry all the time. The foods and supplements taste amazing. You wont break up your normal schedule doing this cleanse. And your results in 3 days will speak for themselves.

I couldnt give a higher recommendation for this! If you had a weekend where you totally bombed your nutrition plan like I did before starting this cleanse…then you gotta try it. If you are on the last week of your fitness program and want the best “after” photos possible…this is a perfect fit! If you want to jump start your weight loss with a fitness program…this works!

I plan on doing the 3-Day Refresh every 30 days (at the end of each workout block) to stay lean while eating just above my maintenance intake to gain size slowly.

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If you have any questions, you can post them below in the comments or email me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net and I would be happy to get back to you. And if this 3-Day Refresh review was helpful, please do me a favor and ‘Like & Share’ this post so that more people can get this info to see if its a right fit for them and their goals.

Now its time to BRING IT and inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd

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