Shakeology: Week 2

After two weeks of drinking this stuff, it is still my favorite meal of the day!  It surprised me that I can still enjoy it, but not only enjoy it, I cant wait to get all that good stuff in me!  Usually after eating the same thing for breakfast every day for two week you would think one’s taste buds might get bored.  Not with this stuff!

The beauty that I have found with Shakeology is that there are  endless possibilities to the recipes one can conjur up.  This past week I have enjoyed my; “Reeses” shake:  shakeology-natural peanut butter, “Chocolate Peanut Bananna” shake:  shakeology-natural peanut butter-bananna, and my favorite so far, “PB&J” shake:  shakeology-natural peanut butter-strawberries.  There are so many other recipes to look forward to in the coming weeks.

As far as physical results; I continue to have increased energy, regularity, and I have definately seen the fat start to melt away.  I am finally starting to see what lay beneath all that goo on my belly.  Back in December of 2010 I weighed in at 228 pounds.  I did drop a lot of weight before shakeology, but it has definately accelerated it.  Just look for yourself.  I am now down to 183 pounds.  That’s 45 pounds!!! 

One more great thing about replacing a meal with shakeology is that I only spend about 3 minutes per morning making this for breakfast.  Thats faster than a drive thru at your favorite coffee shop AND you dont have to drive anywhere to get it!  This has opened up more time in the mornings for me to get the kids ready.  So many people make terrible food choices due to time constraints, and end up compencating for there poor food choices with more poor food choices throughout the day.  With shakeology, you stop the sugar spikes and crashes which stop the impulse eating.  If you have less than 3 minutes to get something to eat, you need to rearrange you schedule.  Make your health a priority, not only for your sake, but for the sake of those who need you and love you.

I hope you guys stay tuned for the week-3 review.  I am expecting more changes and I hope you decide to make the change.  If you want some more detailed information on shakeology, just CLICK HERE.  Also, if you would like to find out how you can save 25% on shakeology, email me at

Keep pressing play…EVERY DAY!

-Coach Todd

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