P90X2 Review – X2 Core

When it comes to extreme workouts, P90X2 stands above the rest with its sports science research based routines that focus on turning you into a true athlete. Today I wanted to give you all my P90X2 Review of the X2 Core workout.

This P90X2 workout — X2 Core is like no other core workout that I have ever experienced. Many of us have done P90X Core Synergistics which is a phenomenal workout, but X2 Core is the evil mother-in-law of Core Synergistics!! Never before have I done a workout that required so much balance and activation of my core muscles! Basically, take any of the moves from Core Synergistics….and add a stability ball, weights, and then do it on one leg!

Difficulty Rating: 8

Even for the P90X grad, this workout will definitely challenge you! You will not be used to the balance and stability that is required with such moves as Warrior 3 Cross Crunch, or Core circle. While P90X does build a great foundation of core strength, it just doesnt focus on all the muscles that are required by the core for balance. So many of the moves use medicine balls and the stability ball, or require you to balance on one leg. By doing this, you are engaging all those stability muscles in your core that arent normally engaged. The best part about X2 Core is that you are strengthening the muscles that will help you prevent injury. The only injuries you WILL have to worry about are the possible injuries you will get from falling all over the place trying to hold some of these moves.

Dont be a champion right out of the gates–put your foot down when you feel yourself tipping over, or drop to your knees if your form is slipping. Your core strength will increase week by week as you continue the P90X2 workouts. X2 core isnt the only workout that focuses on core strength. Every workout incorporates core focus which will help you with X2 Core especially. Overall, I give X2 Core and 8 out of 10 for difficulty. If you have not done a program like P90X or Insanity, do not do this workout unless you are use to rigorous core workouts and feel you are up to something of this difficulty level. These workouts are for athletes!

Here is a quick preview of P90X2 – X2 Core:



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