P90X2 Phase 2 – An Old Fashioned Butt Whoopin!

What up!!! Phase 2 of P90X2 is DONE and let me tell you…it was L-E-G-E-N….If you are lactose intolerant, stop reading….DARY!!! Yes LEGENDARY! I am completely pumped about switching gears and heading into Phase 3 and learning first hand what all this PAP Training is about, but I wanted to first go over what you can expect in Phase 2 of P90X2 – The “Strength Phase”!


How Did Phase 2 of P90X2 Go?

Coming off of Phase 1 I have never felt more strong. P90X Phase 1 is called the foundation phase for good reason – it builds your foundation of core strength and balance that will serve as a platform for developing further in the successive phases. Anyway, I spent 3 weeks in Phase 2 and it was brutal. And when I say brutal, I mean that I was given an old fashioned butt whippin! I went into it like I said, feeling stronger than I ever have, but the new workouts, the new moves, the increased difficulty cut me down to size.

In the first week I had the humbling privileged of experiencing the Chest/Back & Balance workout. Now I can do pushups all day long and most likely beat most marines in a push-up contest (pretty impressive right….j/k) But now I am suppose to put a med ball under my hands and feet…WHAT? This brought in a whole other element to the picture which was that “foundation” thing we talked about that Phase 1 focused on.

I found myself struggling just to stay balanced on all the med balls and eventually only busting out (I say “busting out” so I feel better about myself) like 12-15 med ball pushups. Talk about a shot to the ego when I am used to doing 30+ pushups per set! But P90X and P90X2 have a habit of breaking down our egos dont they…Make sure you click the Facebook LIKE button or ReTweet this article above so I know Im not alone here, lol.

I then get to what is called the “impossible/possible pushup”….Seriously??? Bar none the most difficult exercise move I have ever done in my entire life! The jist of it is, you put your feet on a wabbly-as-hell stability ball and then place two hands on either side of a single med ball. Now do pushups…haha right! I got 2…Are you starting to understand why I titled this article “an old fashioned butt whoopin”

It wasnt a downhill struggle the whole way though. The first day of any new workout can feel like you are back-tracking, but the beauty of P90X and P90X2 is that you get better each week. That is exactly the case for me. Each week I noticed that my beloved impossilbe pushups began to lean toward the possible until I could do 15+. The wight I used on my one legged bicep, tricep, and shoulder exercises were all increasing along with the amount of reps I was doing.


How Do I Know When Its Time to Move On to Phase 3?

P90X2 Phase 2 is hardcore, but eventually you will get better, your balance and stability will increase and you just have to listen to your body and determine for yourself if you need the increased challenge of the PAP workouts in phase 3. Its that muscle confusion concept that made P90X so effective that continues in P90X2, but the coolest part is that you get to decide when you switch phases. This is an awesome way to blow through plateaus and make sure you are continually challenging yourself when the time is right.


How Are You Progressing?

Are you doing P90X2 right now or maybe P90x, how is it going? Have you been pushing play everyday? Are you sticking to your nutrition? What are you struggling with the most? The best part about RIPPEDCLUB is that we are all going through this together as a team and it helps so much to know what your teammates are experiencing so go ahead and let us know how its going by leaving a comment below!

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