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My Asylum Progress | RIPPEDCLUB

My Asylum Progress

Wanted to update the RIPPEDCLUB crew on my Insanity: The Asylum progress. I am currently on Day-22 (Rest Day, thank the Lord!) and I can tell you guys with all honesty that this program is some of the most fun I have had working out in a while! I suppose the reason might be that its all new to me and thats what makes it so exciting, but I think its more than that.

Aside from being so fun, in just 22 days I have seen awesome results which is very motivating also. When Shaun T says that if you dig deep, he’s going to take your body to where it wants to be, he isnt joking. I was very pleased with my results going into The Asylum, but in such a short time I have noticed my vascularity increase, my muscle tone increase and my endurance increase! I never thought I would be the dude with veins and muscle striations, but the Asylum is helping me get there.

As fun as it has been, its still friggin hard. I do struggle with a few moves, usually the mountain climber stuff where you have to hold your chin above your pull-up bar and switch your grip for 2 minutes straight! The breaks in between moves are VERY short and sometimes I have to grab my knees and wait 10 more seconds before gettin back in it, just so I dont pass out. I am definitely pushing myself though! Shaun T does a great job of motivating you during the moves to ignore your mind and focus on digging deeper. More than anything, after 22 days of the Asylum, I am learning how to train my mind through pain and bring it into the submission of my goals!!!

So far I think My favorite workout would have to be Speed & Agility. Its 50 minutes of just all out, hardcore, sweat till you die conditioning. There is an awesome range of moves that enhance obviously speed and agility, but they also toss in some moving push-ups, bear crawls and ab progression series that are just plain crazy! Because the workout is so fast paced and the breaks are so short, you rarely have a chance to look at the screen to see how much time is left. The workout ends up blowin by and by the end you could fill a glass if you were to wring out your clothes. I sweat so much from these workouts, that I just stopped wearing a shirt…it was nasty!

If you have tried P90X or Insanity and are looking for a change of pace or something new to keep you motivated, I really would suggest you give The Asylum a try!!! You will have tons of fun. You will get in amazing shape in just 30 days. And change is better!!! Please let me know if you have any questions about the program and be sure to stay tuned for my Day-30 Fit Test & Results video!!! Should be fun!

Have you given the Asylum a try? How did you like it?

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This one looks like a lot of fun. I hope I get to it one day.

Jon Nicholson
Jon Nicholson

Todd is not kidding. Asylum pushes you FAR past where you thought you could make it out of sheer will. As an Insanity grad I highly recommend this one too... get it! -Jon